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What You Need To Know About Organizing Your Business

Confession: Pop culture is lost on me. Movie references go over my head and my team will do impressions of their favorite Friends characters and I don’t get it. Honestly, I’d rather lay in bed with a good book or listen to a podcast than watch TV. There is one exception to this rule… pirate movies! Maybe it’s because Johnny Depp plays the best freaking pirate on the planet. Every time he’s on the screen, he manages to bring back all those school girls feelings and I fall in love all over again. Honestly, I blame 21 Jump Street! Imagine my surprise as I watched a movie with my kids and all I could think about was how the pirates on my television screen were teaching what you need to know about organizing your business.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… content ideas are everywhere! As I watched this movie, I started thinking about how our businesses are often run like a pirate ship. Either Disorderly and chaotic like Jack Sparrow’s ship or bold and badass like Blackbeard’s ship.

The great thing is, we get to choose how we set up our team and how we lead it. That’s the beauty of owning a small business. You’re at the helm of the ship and if something needs to change, you get to choose a new course.

So, where do you start? I follow three key principles when organizing my business.

Organize Your Business By Understanding Each Role

Begin with clearly defined roles. Who do you need on your team?

I tell my clients to determine four things. What you don’t know how to do, what you don’t have time to do, what you hate doing, and what only you can do. For example, only you can record the podcast but is it your role to book guests and write show notes? Probably not.

Not every job has to be yours. Make four columns, kind of like a pro/ con list, and decide which roles are yours and which roles to outsource.

Organize Your Business By Determining Strengths and Weaknesses

We all have weaknesses, so you might as well own them. Rather than trying to make up for your weaknesses, outsource them. You won’t be good at everything, so instead of fumbling your way through, find someone who compliments your strengths and makes up for your weaknesses.

Do you suck at managing your own calendar?
Do you hate booking appointments?
Would you rather drop a hammer on your big toe than schedule social media content?

Outsource your weaknesses. There is someone out there that loves the very thing you hate. Get them on your team!

Organize Your Business and Don’t Be Afraid To Rock The Boat

I don’t like change. Adaptability was #34 on my StrengthsFinder results. I like everything to stay the same but sometimes staying the same is harmful to your business. Put your big kid pants on and make changes if they’re needed. It will hurt but growing pains hurt. If you’re going to grow your business, change is inevitable. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat a little and make necessary changes.


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