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What A VA Can Do For You

You need to hire a Virtual Assistant but are wondering what a VA can do for you. Instead of dragging your feet or sticking your head in the sand avoiding the process, begin to figure out how a VA can best serve your business.

Last week, I asked our Priority VAs to share how they were able to serve their clients. The response was overwhelming, so I thought I’d take 15 very practical tasks and share them with you.

What A VA Can Do For You

What A VA Can Do For You?

Social Media + Graphic Design

Social Media and Graphic Design are more than “set it and forget it”. You’ll see how our Priority VAs were able to save their client’s money, prep for a live event, and more.

  1. Successfully negotiated 1-year deal with a social media scheduling platform provider. She was able to negotiate down 16% from initial asking price.
  2. Graphic design for an in-person event, online for social media, sales page, and posters, coordinating with location and staff.
  3. Source relevant research articles to share on Social Media.
  4. Created book jackets and social media images, including banners, posts, ads
  5. Batched and scheduled social media for September and October

Content Management

Content Management doesn’t stop with spell check. It’s a role best filled by someone organized and three steps ahead.

  1. Posted pre-written blog posts, sourced images, and proofread multiple rounds of a specialized guide as it went through the stages of publication.
  2. Assisted in the transferring of all organization files from one location into a more secure one.
  3. Secured new guests for podcast, organized and set up of scripts/show notes, collected guest information, guest outreach, and communication, Skype meetings with marketing teams that have additional questions about podcasting, outreach to high profile guests and coordination, communication and coordination with team members for audio files, thumbnails, creation and promotion of audiograms, guest follow up, social media promotion on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  4. Branding and content curation. This included colors, fonts, and graphic representations of the feel of the brand. Content curation for social media. Scheduled social media 90 days in advance, updated current publicity, current article curation and writing appropriate headlines and synopsis for Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.
  5. Copywriting for emails, opt-ins, sales pages, lead magnets,  website content, social media posts, waitlist pages, editing for all forms of copy.

Executive Administration

Your Executive Assistant will keep your business running smoothly and make sure you show up on time and fully prepared. Here’s how…

  1. Managed inbox and calendar daily, replied to speaking requests, set up medical appointments, set up meetings for in office and offsite, travel arrangements, dinner reservations, hair appointments, follow up on opportunities for speaking and with coordinating marketing efforts within the main company for ongoing promotion.
  2. Creating and updating SOPs
  3. Managing accounts receivable. This included creating invoices, making sure automated payments actually process, email those whose payments don’t process.
  4. Added relevant information to contracts, sending contracts out to be signed electronically, filing the contracts in Dropbox once they are signed.
  5. Refreshments and food coordination for a live event, set up of travel and lodging for the live event and booked dinner reservations.

As you read the list, did you repeat, “Man, I need that!” or “I wish I had that!”, to yourself?  

Each client that benefited from Priority VA started with a discovery call. My team and I are good at asking the right questions to help you determine where you need the most support. Click here to schedule a call.

Still not sure what to outsource? Grab our list of 50 things you can outsource to a VA here.

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