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Dedicated Executive Virtual Assistant

1:1 Executive Assistant

Longterm, collaborative relationships. That’s what we’re all about here at Priority VA. Nothing is more representative of that than our one on one services. Whether it’s managing your calendar, or submitting pitch decks for speaking events, our Executive Assistant relationships are curated not only based on skills, but on personality, character and temperament. You’ll be matched with a dedicated partner to help you where you need it most. We take our talent seriously, which is why we offer mentorship and training opportunities for our EAs, as well as a private community where they can get support, find answers to tough questions and learn all they can to help scale your growing business.

When business demands excellence, Priority Executive Assistants are here to serve.

An Executive Assistant can radically serve to stabilize your life and business as a trusted gatekeeper, protector, liaison, and advocate.

Executive Assistant Areas
of Ownership Include:

Inbox Management and Collaboration

Complex Calendar Management and Scheduling

Executive Travel Preferences, Budget, and Coordination

Event Planning and Budget Creation or Executive Team Support

Attend Meetings - Create Meeting Minutes and Action Items

Reporting, Research, and Purchasing for Executive Needs

Here’s what Sally Hogshead and Ari Mesiel have to say about working with Priority VA.

What Clients Are Saying

  • Working with Michele from Priority VA was a total game-changer for me! At
    first, I thought I just needed ad hoc help with specific tasks. But, what
    Michele did was take a big step back and look at how I was managing my
    day-to-day from a strategic standpoint. She convinced me to go to "zero
    inbox", which I was certain I could never do. She created standard
    operating procedures and new ways of working that simply helped me be my
    best. The crazy thing is it even did things like reduce my stress and give
    me a better sense of success with the "big things" I wanted to work on. I
    had tried working with two other VA's in the past and working with a
    Priority VA was a HUGE difference given their training and dedication to
    the client.

    Katie Stricker

  • You guys are fantastic and I constantly talk about how good Priority VA is for my business. I have to admit that I didn’t think it was possible for you guys to find someone as good as my last VA; however, you proved me wrong with Kate. I am very fortunate to have her on my team!!!

    Andrew Lewin

  • Priority VA worked hard to find a VA who is a perfect fit for our business – skills, personality, and core values. Because of Priority VA, we have reduced our costs and stress, and increased our productivity and profits. I recommend them every chance I get.

    Ray Edwards

  • I have no idea how Trivinia’s Priority VA team did it – all I did was answer a quick questionnaire – but they matched me with my perfect VA, and my investment has already seen 100% return in the most critical of all assets: MY TIME!

    There are only a few decisions in business that we can look back on and say: “I got that one 1000% right!”.

    Pam Prior

  • I’ve referred numerous business owners to Trivinia and Priority VA after she placed the perfect person inside of one of my companies. Each of those referrals has always looped back around and told me how thrilled they are with their new team member. There’s nothing better than seeing your friends be able to do more of the stuff they’re great at, because they finally have someone who loves to do the stuff they’re not great at doing.

    Todd Herman