Our Process - Priority VA

Our Process


discover | curate | mentor | develop


We will schedule a video call, via Zoom, at your convenience. During that time, we’ll go over the current needs of your business, your non-negotiables for incredible support, and we’ll determine what success looks like to you.


Based upon the action you decide to take during your discovery call, we will review all of your information, examine our pool of vetted candidates, engage the best matches in an interview process that determines the fit based not only on their skillset, but most importantly, their personality and how that will factor into a long-term and collaborative relationship with YOU.


At Priority VA we’re all about ensuring this is a long-term, successful, and collaborative relationship. After we’ve paired you with your Executive VA, we’ll take you through our 100 day journey. We’ll check in to offer you coaching tips, tricks, and business hacks as you start on the path to success with your new Executive VA. We work hard to ensure both you, the client, and our VA are equipped and empowered to work together and supported by us.

the milestones and what you can expect

0-2 weeks: We’ll have initial call, decide to work together and get contracts signed and onboarding started. We’ll take all the time we need to find the RIGHT FIT for you, but generally, that process takes two weeks. Our goal is not to give you the “next” VA in line, but the right Executive VA based on your long-term goals.

14-30 days: On boarding is in full swing, you’ve been introduced to your new Priority Executive VA, goals are outlined (we all agree what success looks like), a communication plan has been established and the relationship begins.

30 days: Trust and accountability should be established. A solid understanding of your business and operations are taking shape. Regular communication with a minimum of weekly meetings happen.

60 days: All processes and systems should be solidified. You’re well on your way to several of your 90 day goals nearing completion. You’re proactively learning each other’s rhythm and cadence and are working smoothly together.

After 90 days, your VA will be assigned a mentor for continued support, training and guidance as they learn your quirks and how to serve you better.

100 days: The honeymoon period is over, you’ve gotten over some speed bumps, spilled milk, and your Priority VA is closer to being fully integrated into your business. That nervous feeling you had when you signed on is proving to be yet another thing you fretted about that you shouldn’t have. Your VA is taking on more and more, and confidence is growing in them, and in you. At this point, they are proactively taking tasks off your plate, and offering value in more ways than you thought possible.



Priority VA remains at your service. We are here to further develop your progress, answer questions, and address any mentoring opportunities. Our ultimate goal is for you to enjoy a long-term collaborative and successful relationship with your Executive VA. We will check in and offer weekly business tactics to help you up level your business, productivity, and communication.