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5 Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

Outsourcing can be one of the best things you do for your business and when it’s done right, it’s a game changer. No one sets out to fail but regardless of who you are, we all have room for improvement. Delegation is a learned skill…which is why there is always an opportunity to up-level your approach. There isn’t a better way to begin making changes than to avoid basic outsourcing mistakes.

Whether you’re new to outsourcing or work with a fully remote team, it’s important to assess your outsourcing style and improve upon it.


To help you out, we’ve made a list of the top 5 outsourcing mistakes to avoid.


Mistake #1: Lack of Communication

Your Executive Assistant isn’t a mind reader. As much as you’d like them to anticipate your every need, you have to communicate with them. Whether it’s a standing 30-minute call each week, or a 15-minute check-in call every day, stay consistent with communication. If you aren’t on the same page, the wheels will eventually fall off.

Mistake #2: Holding on to Tasks

There’s nothing worse than a Founder who refuses to let go of projects and tasks simply because they’ve “always done it” or they have trust issues. You won’t fully see what your Executive Assistant is capable of unless you give them the freedom to do the work. The truth is, they’re likely more efficient at it, which will allow you to see better results.

Mistake #3: Failure to Delegate

Failure to delegate will end a partnership before it begins. Don’t leave your Executive Assistant searching for tasks or begging you for work. It’s important to flex your delegation muscles and fully understand what and how to outsource. Priority VA has you covered with the the building blocks of successful delegation. If delegation is a hurdle for you, this is a great resource.

Mistake #4: Constantly Distracted

Distraction is easy, especially for those Quickstarts on the Kolbe A™ Index. Avoid shiny object syndrome and stick to a specific plan for each quarter. It’s okay to dream, but when you do, write it down and re-visit the idea at a later date. Don’t be the Founder who is constantly changing course because they had another great idea. You won’t move the needle in your business by operating this way.

Mistake #5: Zero Respect for Boundaries

There are two boundaries every founder should respect. Their own boundaries and those of their Virtual Assistant. It’s important to establish guidelines with your Executive Assistant. Have an open conversation about this. Ask when they close their computer each night and find out when they work best. In turn, share your preferences as well. This allows you to understand when each of you will be at your best. For example, if you work best at night but your Executive Assistant works during normal business hours, make sure they understand that you don’t expect them to reply when they’re having dinner with their family. Setting boundaries, no matter how small they may seem, will make for a successful partnership.

Outsourcing, when done right, is the best thing you can do for your business. If you are ready to outsource, but don’t know where to start, get our Free Guide: 50 Things To Outsource to an Executive Assistant. It will set you on the right path. If you are ready to hire, schedule a FREE Strategy Call with us. Let us help you find your right-fit teammate. 

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