Kolbe A to A Consultation - Priority VA

Do you ever wonder why you and your Executive Assistant, or teammate, don’t seem to be on the same page?

The Kolbe A™ to A™ report can help. This report gives you a complete picture of your conative strengths, or how you instinctively problem solve.

If there are any areas where you feel tension between yourself and your teammate’s work styles, this report can bridge that gap.

The Kolbe A™ to A™ report is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to understand themselves better as a leader in order to build a more effective, trusted relationship with their team.

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Pricing starts at $397 per session.

Here is How It Works

Fill out the form and one of our team members will contact you with information on how to complete your Kolbe A™ Index.

You and a member of your team would each take your own Kolbe A™ Index.

After you receive your results, a Kolbe-certified member of our team will schedule about 45 minutes of time with you both.

Together, we will walk through your results. We will address how you each use time and energy, how your drive affects performance and any potential areas of conflict.