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How To Guarantee Absolute Failure With Your VA

Recently, I met with a potential client who had a clear misunderstanding of what a Virtual Assistant is capable of. I stood at my desk, reading an email that was designed as an internal guide for this particular company. As my mouth was gaping open at the clear misrepresentation of their staff, I could feel the steam emerging from my ears. I picture it like something from Saturday morning cartoons.

At first, I was shocked! How could this person compare a VA to nothing more than an airhead secretary you see portrayed in movies from the ‘80s and ‘90s? A flighty bimbo smacking her gum, barely able to use a copy machine.


There is one surefire way to guarantee 100% failure with your VA.

Belittling them.

I work with a variety of VAs.

Those transitioning from the corporate world with formal education. Individuals looking for flexibility, eliminating a two hour commute and still do what they love.

My team also includes stay at home moms that want more than taking care of their little ones. They want to contribute financially, use their polished skill set and still be able to wear their mom hat.

Lastly, are the young millennials that are bright and ready to take on the world. There isn’t a cookie cutter for the role of a VA. You just have to be ready to take the virtual world by storm.

Each Priority VA is incredibly talented and I’ve learned something over the years. Most Virtual Assistants have the mind of an entrepreneur. In fact, many have side hustles of their own. But what they love to do, what fuels them, is helping fellow entrepreneurs succeed.

If you say things like, “it’s so easy monkey could do it” or “my toddler could do if he could type”, then it’s best that you move on down the road. It may seem harmless on an internal guide for you to know who should do what, but it really becomes an internal compass, for how you view the team you’re surrounding yourself with. And in my view, actually, do reflect the way you’ll envision that person’s role in your business.

When you’re interviewing vas for your business, keep in mind that you’re talking with a real person with real feeling and a freaking real skill set.

Once you’ve partnered with your VA, take time to make them feel appreciated. Your VA wants to know that you value them. I promise, it will reflect in your business.  

If you fail to acknowledge that they are an equally important cog in the wheel of your business, then I can guarantee your VA partnership will surely fail.