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5 Things Every Real Estate Agent Should Outsource

The Real Estate industry is an exciting field to be in. You get to dream with individuals and families about their future and they trust you to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. No pressure, right?

Think back to when you first received your real estate license. You probably thought your schedule would be a little lighter and you could “set your own hours”. It didn’t take long, as with many entrepreneurs, to realize you’re working on someone else’s time clock. In a perfect world, you’d show houses at your convenience or during “normal business hours” (what does that even mean?) but alas, your clients work 9-5, which means you spend evenings and weekends showing properties in addition to the daily hustle of marketing and managing your listings.

If you’re one of the rockstar real estate agents out there working 60 hour weeks wishing for a sense of normal again, consider outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant.  

A Virtual Assistant will be your secret weapon to staying organized and on top of the administrative tasks that come with the territory. So, how can you utilize a Virtual Assistant in your Real Estate business? Here are 5 things every real estate agent should outsource to a virtual assistant


5 Things A Real Estate Agent Should Outsource

To A Virtual Assistant


Upload And Manage All Online Marketing

You don’t have to be the one to post listings on Facebook or upload pictures and property details to listing service websites. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to manage the online marketing piece of your business will allow you to do what you do best: sell, sell, sell. While your VA is able to do what they do best, manage online marketing.

Schedule Contractors For Photos, Cleaning, And Repairs

Professional photos and cleaning services are often needed before putting a home on the market. Along with photos and cleaning services, repairs are inevitable on most home transactions. Rather than scheduling the appointments yourself, outsourcing this to a Virtual Assistant will allow you to focus on other priorities that require your attention.

Work With The Title Company To Coordinate Closing Times And Send Updates As Needed

Closing dates, updated lender info, contract addendums, these are a few of the things you’ve surely experienced between the signing of the contract and the signing of the deed. A Virtual Assistant can be the liaison between you, the Lender, and the Title company. If paperwork isn’t your forte, outsource it.

Coordinate Property Showings

In addition to coordinating with the Title company, a Virtual Assistant can also schedule showings with buyers. Your Virtual Assistant can serve as your client coordinator and schedule times for you to meet with clients and potential clients. Not only will your Virtual Assistant coordinate the appointment, but they’ll also make sure your calendar doesn’t overlap and in turn force you to show up late to your next appointment.

Organize Your Leads, Current Clients, And Contracts

Organizing and maintaining your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is crucial to any successful business. By outsourcing this to your Virtual Assistant, they’ll be able to utilize your CRM tool to its full capability. For instance, your VA will not only organize all of your contracts but they can also help you give that special touch that will speak volumes to your clients (a.k.a. make you look good!). When you recognize events such as birthdays, anniversaries, congrats on 1 year in your new home, you’ll stay top of mind months later and will make a raving fan of your clients and you know what that means… referrals!  

For more ideas on what to outsource to a Virtual Assistant, download our free Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting Things Done: 50 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant and decide what you can outsource to your Virtual Assistant and get some quick wins.


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