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10 Questions To Ensure Success With Your Team

Last week I shared everything you need to know about working with a Virtual Assistant. Once you’re ready to begin working together, I believe it’s important to cultivate a healthy work environment right from the start and there isn’t a better way than asking the right onboarding questions. Below is a list of 10 questions that will ensure success with your team.

I recently joined a fitness program that allows me to track meals and exercise. Once I signed up for the program, I received an email with a questionnaire to fill out before moving forward with the program. I was blown away by the questions they asked and it made me think… what questions can we, as leaders, as our team members as they join our teams?

Before diving into the 10 questions, I want to share with you why they’re so important.

You see, it’s easy when you work virtually to forget the relationship component of your team.

Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Unfortunately, if we fail to understand how each team member operates, there will never be the trust component that is crucial to success with your Virtual Assistant. The team I’ve built has been with me years and I credit part of our success to building relationships and taking a vested interest in each team member personally. Another component is their badassery (Is that a word? It is now!) but that’s another story for another day!

So, how do you get to know the people who are devoted to your success?

Here are 10 questions to ensure success with your team.

Work Style

1. When do you work best?

Are they a morning person or night owl? This will help you understand when they’re at their prime to knock out projects.

2. How do you communicate best?

Do they prefer text over Facebook Messenger? Find out. Priority VA prefers Slack as out method of communication. Determine the best fit and stick with it.

3. How do you respond to feedback?

Everyone handles constructive criticism the same way. You don’t need to coddle their feelings but it is important to understand how your team responds to feedback.

4. Who inspires you?

Oprah? Gandhi? Mother Teresa? Who is the source of inspiration for your team? This will give you a good insight into their personality.

5. What makes you most proud at the end of the day?

Is it checking tasks off a to-do list? Perhaps it’s knowing they made a difference in your life by keeping you on task. Find out what makes them proud.

Fill In The Blank

6. I’m motivated by _____.

Deadlines? Data? What motivates your team?

7. My biggest pet peeve is ________.

We all have them, so find out what drives your team members crazy… and try not to do that thing!

8. I feel most appreciated when _____.

We recommend taking the StrengthsFinder quiz. This helps you understand how your team likes to be appreciated.

9. My superpower is ______.

What is their superpower? Find out. Chances are, it will benefit you.

10. I’m excited to join this company because _______.

Why are they excited to join your team? Understand where your team is at and what they’re passionate about.

I’m certain when you ask these questions and get honest feedback, you’ll have a better understanding of your VA and how they work best. As a result, you’ll know how to become the leader your team needs.

When you’re ready to add a new team member, let us know. Priority VA understands the importance of onboarding the right people. Click here to schedule a call when you’re ready.

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