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3 Ways An EA Can Help You Achieve Your Big Goals

Setting big, ambitious goals is important during strategic planning to draw you out of your comfort zone and experience growth as a Leader.

But to achieve big goals, you have to pay attention to your small habits. The little things you do every day determine if you are on track to realize your objectives.

The problem is that many Leaders lack accountability for their small habits, and then they wonder why their ambitions are derailed.

An Executive Assistant can hold you accountable to these three, small habits, so you can stay on track and achieve your big goals.


1. Getting serious about getting help.

To achieve the big goals you have for your business, you have to get serious about getting help — and then actually allow people to help you.

Many businesses fail to scale because owners refuse to delegate. They keep working as a “doer” in their business, which creates stagnation where there should be progress and momentum.

An Executive Assistant’s job is to own outcomes so you can work as many hours and days in your genius zone as possible.

One way to fulfill this small habit is to choose a business outcome that takes up the majority of your time and begin the slow transition of outsourcing it to your EA.

If you are someone who struggles to let go, delegate to your EA gradually. This also helps to ensure the work is being done right, which will put you at ease.


2. Ignoring shiny objects.

Most entrepreneurs agree they suffer from shiny object syndrome. But rather than chasing every new idea that comes your way to derail your big plans, invite your EA to help eliminate distractions.

EAs can use calendar blocking, or themed work days, and meticulous time management to plan your day around your priority projects, so you can stay focused on the goals at hand.

You can still pitch new ideas for your EA to note, but they will most likely push back that it’s not the current priority.

EAs can also eliminate distractions by serving as the primary point of contact to vendors, clients and prospects on your behalf, so you can stay focused.


3. Estimating the true value of your time.

You can’t achieve your big, audacious dream if you don’t know — and protect — the true value of your time. Time management is a struggle for many CEOs, who spend a majority of their day in meetings.

Worse yet, if you are a CEO who does not delegate, you may be spending the majority of your time working on $10- or $100-tasks that won’t move the needle in your business.

When you allow an EA to strategically manage your calendar, you can see exactly how many hours and days you are spending toward your priority projects, and request that time be held for strategic planning and execution.

The goal is to spend as many days a week as possible working on your genius, which is the work that ONLY YOU can do. Try to set a goal for working two days a week in your genius zone and growing it from there.

This time is essential to realizing your dreams for your business, and can be protected with the help of an EA.

Getting serious about getting help, removing distractions, and protecting your valuable time are three small and important ways you can accomplish your goals.

An Executive Assistant can help keep you accountable to these small habits, so you stay on track to the priority projects you need to scale your business.

If you’re interested in learning about what an Executive Assistant can do for your business, schedule a strategy call with us.

Our virtual team experts will help you determine how your business can benefit from our Priority Executive Assistants.

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