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10 Signs You Should Invest In A Virtual Assistant

Last month, my office had a makeover. While my new digs are awesome, there was a picture that sat on my desk that I loved. It said “If you’re looking for a sign, here it is”. Simple and profound. Plus, it was cute and trendy!

We’re always looking for a sign.

  • A sign for what we should do next.
  • A sign for when we should move.
  • A sign for when we should alter our life plan.
  • A sign for when we’re doing something right (or wrong).

If you’re looking for a sign, here it is.


1. You only see your family on your computer background.

I know this sounds a little tongue in cheek, but this can be a real problem. I’ve experienced this first hand. Not intentionally, but it happens. You start on too many projects while fulfilling your regulars tasks and time slips away. It happens to the best of us. Instead of getting upset with yourself, decide on a new course of action.

2. You spend too much time on one problem.

The beauty of a Virtual Assistant is that they are experienced is a wide variety of programs. While we entrepreneurs have ideas running out our ears, we don’t always have the tools or skill set to make the pretty websites or write outstanding copy. When you notice that you’re spending too much time on one problem, it’s time to call in reinforcements.

3. You no longer feel the excitement of your work anymore.

There are days when daunting tasks suck the joy right out of your dreams. If you’ve lost the spark and excitement, chances are it’s because the tasks that seemed easy on paper have turned out to more complicated. It’s okay to admit that you need help. Hiring a VA to take over tasks that are haunting you will breathe life back into your business… AND YOU!

4. You’ve lost inspiration.

Perhaps you are tech savvy. You know the ins and outs of sales funnels and Ads. That’s great, but what if they are your only focus. Delegating these things doesn’t mean you can’t chip in every now and then. It simply means that you are going to free up your time to get inspired again.

5. Your health is taking a toll.

If you eat more than your fair share of antacids before, during and after every meal, it’s time to reevaluate. I’ve experienced stress like this. It isn’t healthy. Stress and anxiety can crush you. Don’t try to “prove yourself” and go through this alone. A failing immune system is not what the doctor ordered. If stress is getting the best of you, you NEED help. You NEED a VA!

6. You’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

There is no shame in admitting that you can’t handle everything. Starting out, we have grand ideas. The problem is, we sign up for a CRM tool or start designing a website and get in over our heads. It’s okay! That’s what a VA is here for. To lighten your load.

7. You’re doubting yourself.

If I had a nickel for every time I started to doubt myself, I’d have…. well…. I’d have a lot of nickels! How many times have you started a task and try to talk yourself out of it. Hire a VA and they won’t talk you out of it. In fact, they would start telling you of the 50 ways that you’ll sell this product. Trust me! A VA is your best cheerleader.

8. You’re stress paralyzed.

I don’t know if this is an actual diagnosis, but I believe with all of my heart that it is real. When you are stress paralyzed, you find yourself in the fetal position in the corner of your office because everything has become too much. Share your thoughts, your ideas, your goals with someone else. Empower your VA to systemize your business. Your VA will put systems and processes in place that will give you mobility again!

9. You aren’t operating in your strength.

Repeat after me… It is okay if I’m not good at something!

You know, it truly is okay to be bad at something. We all have our strengths. Hiring a VA will allow you to operate in your strength, while your VA operates in their strength. It’s a win, win!

10. Things aren’t turning out like you had planned.

You had dreams. You had plans. I understand. Stop, take a step back and breathe. If things aren’t turning out the way you planned, simply reevaluate. It could be that one cog in the wheel is off. Adjust is and move on.

I truly believe with all my heart that in a VA is worth every cent. It’s simply a matter of flipping the switch in your brain from a business “expense” to a business “investment”. When you invest in the right things for your business, you’ll see exponential growth.

If you can relate to one or all ten of the signs mentioned, I’d love to chat with you. I’ve built a team of outstanding VAs that love to serve entrepreneurs like you and me.