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5 Myths About Working with A Virtual Assistant

I love October! I love Fall! I love Halloween!

It’s true! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It falls close to my birthday, so it’s a good excuse to throw a big party. In years past, we’ve thrown theme parties and invite everyone to party in their best costume. It’s alway so much fun and for one night, we get to feel like kids again!

With halloween coming around the corner, this blog will have a two-fold purpose.

  • To debunk 5 myths about Virtual Assistants
  • Give you some great costume ideas!


You’re welcome!

Along with dressing up and trick or treating, one of the fun things people like to do every October is explore myths and old legends. While I don’t spend my time trying to determine the fact or fiction of myths and legends, there is one area that I am an expert in. The field of Virtual Assistants.

There are many myths surrounding this line of work, so why not now, while we’re busy researching old tales to debunk some myths about Virtual Assistants.

MYTH #1: Anyone can be a VA.

Being a Virtual Assistant isn’t for the weak. I don’t say this because I am one, I say this because it’s true. You have to have the chops to hang in with some of the top entrepreneurs in the business. It’s important to have the skills and drive to make it in this field.

MYTH #2: A Virtual Assistant can do it all.

While a Virtual Assistant can do almost anything, one Virtual Assistant can’t do it all. We’d all love to find that perfect unicorn that knows every program and tool available. However, that just isn’t the case. Many VAs specialize in specific areas… Project Management, Social Media, Sales Funnels, Bookkeeping. It’s rare to find one person that can do it all.

MYTH #3: You can’t communicate as well when you’re virtual.

This may seem like an absolute truth, but I’m here to tell you that is 100% wrong. Most of us have worked in the corporate world, sharing cubicle walls with co-workers. While you aren’t physically in the same room, technology has given us so many options when it comes to communication. Slack, Zoom, Skype, good old fashioned phone calls. There isn’t an excuse big enough to keep you from communicating with your VA. Make it a priority and they may even become your friend, confidant and yes, even your therapist!

MYTH #4: A VA can’t do the same things that a “Normal” assistant can do.

The only thing a VA can’t do is bring you coffee. Though it may look a little different, a Virtual Assistant can manage the same tasks as a traditional assistant. One benefit to hiring a Virtual Assistant is that you aren’t limited strictly to applicants in your area. At Priority VA, we have a team of 50+ VAs, located all of the United States. Each VA is skilled and able to offer high level service to their clients, regardless of their location. Ah, the beauty of living in a tech savvy 2016!

MYTH #5: You need to hire someone full time.

Hiring a new employee for a full 40 hours a week seems overwhelming. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional mindset of 40 hours a week. Do what is best for you! A large majority of clients want (and need!) to start out small with their VA. You can start with as little as 20 hours per month and get high level support from Virtual Assistants. As your business grows, you can adjust the amount of support that you need, but for now start small.

Have you considered hiring a VA, but still have questions? I’m happy to debunk any myths that you’ve heard about working virtually. Simply complete this form and my team will be in touch with the next steps to hiring a Virtual Assistant.