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Are you stuck in 2005 with your approach to hiring?

A lot has changed since 2005, eh?

  • Rarely do you see a flip phone.
  • Blockbuster is where you rented movies.
  • Chunky highlights were all the rage. (Why?!)

Each were popular for a season. Here one day, gone the next.

Not only are fashion trends from 2005 (thankfully) a thing of the past, so is our approach to hiring.

For years, we focused heavily on skill set.

What can someone DO for me?

I’ve learned over time that skill set isn’t the only thing I’m looking for. Nowadays, hiring based solely on skill set, leaves disappointment.

My mindset shifted to ask; how can this person best:

GROW with me

I’m not going to lie. In my own business, I’ve been lured into thinking someone was perfect for the job.

Everything looked great on paper, but at the end of the day, they lacked integrity or character to truly represent me or my business.

I won’t air the dirty laundry, but suffice it to say, I’ve experienced disappointment, headache, and frustration. Consider it a (hard) lesson learned.

This is why I have made the decision in my business to ask questions up front before an interview is scheduled to know if someone if the right fit for my business. This applies to anyone who reaches out on our website or is introduced by a friend.

Everyone has to pass a series of tests, of both character and skill, before they can work with me.

Decide What Is Important To You

I have a series of questions I ask anyone contracting with Priority VA. I decided what my core values are and if folks don’t align with them, they don’t join my team.

We have high standards. You should too. Find out what your non-negotiable character traits are and constantly be looking for proof of them as you engage with a potential hire.

Test Your Candidate

You need to know that someone will do what they say they can. The internet makes it easy to throw up a portfolio, or to say you’ve got mad skills you actually don’t.

If you’re hiring directly, put people to the test.

There are several sites that offer the ability to test applicants before they join your team. A few options you can consider are HireSelect, ProProfs, and Type Testing.

You can modify the details to fit the skills you’re looking for and put an applicant to the test. I recommend testing each skill you’re looking for. While it’s nice to have someone create something from scratch, we’ve found that having someone FIX something will show you more of their ability to problem solve, be responsive and find solutions. Ultimately, that’s a critical skill people often overlook.

You’ll know pretty quick if they know their stuff if they need to make something right.

Help Them Help You

Sometimes we as entrepreneurs are so busy with the day to day tasks that we forget to document where we need the most help.

Instead of throwing together a half-written job description on a post-it note, take time to write a detailed job description.

When you set the expectations up front, you’ll have more success with your team. Candidates will either be attracted to you or repelled by the outline of the position. Be thorough. Tell them who you are, who you need and what they’ll be responsible for in your business. Stand out talent thrives on responsibility. They want to grow, so ensure you’ve given them a vision for where they could be if they choose to work with you.

Or… if you’re pressed for time already, spend 30 minutes with me and let me help you build a team you can trust.

We’ll work together to determine not only what you need done, but who you need on your team to grow your business in 2018.

All you have to do is fill out this partnership form and we’ll chat.

Let’s do this…

– Trivinia

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