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How to Outsource Outcomes, Not Tasks

The goal of a virtual assistant isn’t to simply be a task rabbit or a button pusher. The skill level of a Virtual Assistant goes much deeper than checking off to-do’s. Rather than falling into the mindset of your Virtual Assistant being a task-master, change your mindset from outsourcing tasks to outsourcing outcomes. Ultimately, the goal of a Virtual Assistant is to take what needs to be done away from their client and determine how they are going to produce a successful outcome.

Most entrepreneurs have a list of duties a mile long. As we shared in a recent blog, How to Decide What to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant, you should first determine what to outsource. Once you’ve established the “what”, it’s important that we understand our role is to outsource what we’d like to see, and our VA’s role is to own the outcome.

Step 1: Determine what your role should be in the business. Are you the one who should book podcast guests and write show notes? Probably not.

Step 2: Determine what unnecessary tasks you currently own that your VA can take away from you. Chances are, your VA is a heck of a lot better at organization than you are!

Step 3: Outsource what you shouldn’t be doing to your VA. Tell your VA what you expect the outcome to look like and let your VA determine how to get there. Set clear expectations with dates, times, and the result you’d like to see and let them run with it.

When you give this ownership to your assistant, they’re going to own the outcome and you’ll continue to build trust with your VA.

Let Your VA Own the Outcomes

Outcome ownership means your Virtual Assistant is helping you EXECUTE. They can’t execute unless you allow them to work they way they do best.

If you’ll allow your team to own HOW they work, (so long as it’s still in line with your values!), giving them the freedom to plot their own course creates ownership. If you treat them like the hired help, don’t be surprised when they act like it.

Set expectations and define what success looks like

For any project within Priority VA, our CEO, Trivinia Barber, always include the following criteria:

  1. What the outcome should include. (example: The landing page should cover our 4 E Tennents (Equiip, Empower, Encourage, Engagage), with supporting downloadables for each.)
  2. The Audience I’m speaking to is Founders of 7 figure companies, in a highly curated environment.
  3. The Purpose of the talk/project, etc. is to not have to print out a bunch of documents, but give you actionable insights to implement later.
  4. The Presentation time is at 10:00am on Tuesday.
  5. The Draft is due to me by Thursday at 12pm prior.
  6. The Final version is due Monday at 12pm.

Six clear, concise steps and our CEO is able to outsource the outcome for the project. Outsourcing outcomes doesn’t have to be complicated, so long as you take the time to cast your vision.

Keep Everyone in their Zone of Genius

Rather than throwing tasks at someone for the sake of outsourcing, first determine the zone of genius for everyone on your team.

By following the exercise below, you’ll ensure everyone on your team is working in their sweet spot.

Exercise: Week 1 with your VA, have them read “Vivid Vision” by Cameron Herald. Have your VA create a Vivid Vision for their life, all aspects of their life.

Have a due date in place and schedule your Vivid Vision meeting. Discuss both of your Vivid Visions. You know your VA will help you to accomplish yours.  Besides the COO, there isn’t another role in your business that will capture and help you bring to life, your vivid vision for your company than your VA. Before you print that final version of what your vision looks like, run it by your VA. Share it with them and ask them to point out anything that you’ve expressed to them that is truly part of the vision we fail to see in ourselves or our business anymore because we’re simply too close to it.

Then, commit the same to them; help them accomplish one aspect of their own Vivid Vision.

This Vivid Vision meeting will allow each of you to know where you need to go, who needs to be along for the ride, and where each of your zones of genius are most in play.

  • Do you hate keeping track of meeting notes? Outsource it to your Executive Assistant (EA).
  • Do you need to get the calendar cleaned up for an upcoming promotional period? Outsource it to your EA.
  • Does your EA hate designing graphics for social media? Empower them to outsource it to Fiverr.
  • Does your EA drag her feet when running rote financial reports? Allow them to kick that over to the accountant.

The ultimate goal is for everyone to be operating in their unique zone of genius 90% of each day.

Need some ideas of WHAT to outsource to your VA or for your VA to outsource?

What to Outsource to your Virtual Assistant

  • Email Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Website Management
  • Personal Appointment Setting
  • Content Production
  • Contract Review
  • Client Follow Up
  • Podcast Editing
  • Blog Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Research
  • Community Management
  • Gift Giving
  • Travel Management
  • Event Management
  • Project Management
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Content Repurposing
  • Press Releases
  • Promotional Timelines
  • Creating a Customer Experience Journey
  • ….and so much more

Your time is irreplaceable and needs to be spent on tasks that serve YOUR highest and best talents. Let your VA in so you can each work within your superpowers. When you create an environment where everyone is working in their zone of genius, you’re able to make outsourcing outcomes second nature.

Are you ready to start outsourcing outcomes and not tasks? Contact us here and we’ll be happy to match you with your perfect VA.

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