Have You Looked In the Mirror Lately?

Have You Looked In the Mirror Lately?

Genius beacon. Genius zone. Zone of Genius. Highest and Best work. 

Whatever you call it, it is where you should be spending at least half of your time as a CEO, Executive or Small Business Owner. That’s two to three days of week, doing that thing that only you can do. 

But how often does that happen? How often do you get sucked into doing things that are a struggle for you? Things that you don’t know how to do, don’t like to do, or don’t have time to do? Tasks and projects that should be delegated to your team. 

It’s time to hold up a mirror, take a look at yourself and your behavior and see if you can identify those things that are keeping you ‘busy’ and out of your genius. 

Today we’ll share with you three tools to help you along this journey of transformation from stuck in a rut and struggling back to your genius zone.

1. The first mirror can be your day-to-day feelings while you are working. Are you frustrated? Feeling sluggish? Like you’re spinning your wheels in busy work? Those are all good signs you’re not in your genius.  Sure, we all have to tackle work that is not our favorite from time to time. But if you’re spending days like this, you’re definitely in a rut and not doing your highest and best work. 

2. Another mirror can be your task management software. Take a look at your repeating tasks, your projects and deadlines. Are these the things ONLY you can do? Are they moving you towards the goals you want to reach this quarter and this year? Or, again, does it look like busywork, tasks, and outcomes that can be delegated. 

3. Last, take a good hard look at your calendar. Not just glance at it to see what meetings are coming up in your day or week, but REALLY utilize it as your single source of truth for how you are spending your time. 

If you look at your calendar and it is blank, you’ve got an entirely different problem. Check out our blog 7 Signs You’re Managing Your Calendar Wrong to get that fixed up in a jiffy. 

Your calendar should reflect your professional and personal priorities. This is your biggest mirror yet. Gaze into it and don’t look away. Is what you see there your professional and personal priorities? 

If you constantly say you want to spend more time with your family, exercise more and get more sleep, but struggle to make it happen, your calendar may be at fault. If you have big goals that include growing sales, but there are no sales activities on your calendar…. Well, you can see a pattern here, right? 

The mantra you need to adopt is that “if it isn’t scheduled, it doesn’t exist.

If your calendar doesn’t reflect your priority outcomes, you will always fall short of your goals.

Take 30 minutes today to look in those mirrors and be brave, looking at the honest truth of how you are spending your time. Then do something to make how you spend your time more in alignment with your priorities. 

If you don’t like what the mirrors showed you, or you’re struggling to get out of a rut and stay in your genius zone, apply for a free Strategy Call with a Certified Momentum MethodTM Strategist today.

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