Have You Ever Tried To Push a Dead Car?

Have You Ever Tried To Push a Dead Car?

Have you ever tried to push a car? Seriously. A dead car. Out of gas or whatever random problem. Stuck in the middle of the road. Maybe people are honking at you. Glaring as they finally get past the traffic jam you’ve created. It’s August-sun-in-the-south-hot. Or not, but stress sweat is real. You’ve seen a 1-fingered wave or two as people rush past you to get where they’re going. 

You’re at the door of the dead car, half on the steering wheel, half trying to get the beast moving, just an inch or two in the right direction. Forward and out of the way. It takes a ton of push, push, push, before you feel the behemoth budge. Even a little.

If you’ve ever felt this pain, you know that just getting that dead car to move those first few inches takes tons of push power. Going from stuck to movement takes a lot. 

But once you’re rolling, it’s easy to keep pushing and get that car in momentum to where you need it to go.

Have you ever felt like this in your business? Like the car is dead. You’re laboring, sweating, slightly panicked, a little embarrassed, and feel like you’re giving it everything you’ve got but can’t get in motion? 

As leadership expert John Maxwell writes in The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, “momentum is a leader’s best friend.”

He continues to say, when you have no momentum even the simplest tasks feel impossible. You feel stuck and overwhelmed by failure. Like a train at a dead stop, it’s hard to get moving again; morale is low, and the future is uncertain.

In contrast, “an organization with momentum is like a train that’s moving at sixty miles per hour. You could build a steel-reinforced concrete wall across the tracks, and the train would plow right through it.” If you can harness the power of momentum, you can achieve anything.

In our course, The Momentum Method™ we walk you step by step in how to build momentum. 

It starts with your vision and values as a leader, exemplified in your business. As a leader, it is your responsibility to cast a vision for where the business is going and the values that will guide everything you do.

Then it takes the right players in the right seats on the bus, all pushing the same direction, to build and sustain momentum.  

Easier said than done, right? If you’re struggling to build momentum, apply for a free Strategy Call with a Certified Momentum MethodTM Strategist today.

P.S. If you’re trying to push a 5-thousand pound stuck car and need something inspiring to listen to, head on over to the podcast Diary of A Doer, Ep 50: 4 Small Actions that Create Big Momentum.


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