Outsourcing Outcomes to Your Executive Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing Outcomes to Your Executive Virtual Assistant

Instead of constantly “looking for things for your Executive Virtual Assistant to do”, giving them one task at a time so you can say you’re outsourcing, what if you could outsource outcomes? 

Not one task at a time. Not ‘do this 5 minute task’, but full outcomes in your business. 

An outcome is defined as a final product or end result.

Changing how you delegate, changes what you delegate. 

Your time is irreplaceable and needs to be spent on tasks that serve YOUR highest and best talents. Let your EA in so you can each work within your superpowers. When you create an environment where everyone is working in their zone of genius, you’re able to make outsourcing outcomes second nature.

Our team at Priority VA meets with entrepreneurs daily and the most common question we hear is: “How do I know what to outsource first?”. It’s a good question to ask and one that reminds us that people are aware of “the need” to outsource but unclear on “the what”. We really dug into that in our article How to Decide What to Outsource

Today we want to focus on the mindset and behavior shift of outsourcing outcomes instead of tasks. Think of it this way….

Instead of delegating “respond to this email with the information they need” (outsourcing a task) delegate the outcome “email management” to your EA. You would then empower them with guidelines and SOPs to answer all, or most of your business’s emails, except those that expressly need your attention based on your SOP/guide. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, the average professional spends 28% of the workday reading and answering email, which amounts to a staggering 2.6 hours spent and 120 messages received per day. 

By outsourcing Email Management, you could reduce the number of emails you personally handle to 20 or fewer emails. 

Instead of delegating “book this meeting” (outsourcing a task) delegate the outcome “calendar management” to your EA. You would then empower them with your ideal week schedule and guidelines so that your time is managed and your calendar is your single source of truth for your day. 

The change from outsourcing tasks to outsourcing outcomes is a mindset and behavior shift, but it is life-changing once you can make it. 

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P.S. If you’re stuck making your calendar your single source of truth, jump over to the podcast Diary of A Doer, Episode 038: 5 Outcomes for Successful Calendar Management.


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