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5 Reasons You Can’t Keep Team Members And How You Can Retain Your Team For The Long Haul

Are you struggling to keep team members? If you feel like there is a revolving door of team members, it’s possible that your team isn’t 100% at fault.

We’ve all been there, myself included when you hire someone who isn’t all they appear to be. However, this goes far beyond a bad hire. I’ve witnessed countless entrepreneurs who couldn’t keep anyone on their team only to realize that they were the common denominator?

No one ever wants to admit that a relationship didn’t work out due to their own inability to work well with others. But a good leader knows that self-evaluation is crucial to a successful business.

If you’re working with a team or are just starting, it’s important to know what will make or break the relationship.

Here are the top 5 reasons you can’t keep team members.

Communication Isn’t a Priority

Imagine having a spouse or best friend, but you only talk to them when it’s necessary. Chances are, communication will be rough at best. If you aren’t talking with your VA on a weekly basis, you’re doing it wrong.

My team and I have weekly calls to make sure we’re all on the same page. Personally, I like to use a video chat such as Zoom. I like to have “face to face” conversations…. even if it’s through a screen. There is something about seeing someone that makes me feel connected.

If a phone call is more your style, that’s completely fine. As long as you’re making communication a priority you’ll stay on the same page with your team and will build a solid working relationship.

You Refuse to Delegate

I’ve heard this time and time again. “It’s easier for me to do it myself. I’ll show my VA when I have more time.”

Permission to be blunt? You will never have time if you don’t start delegating!

You hired your VA for a reason. Most likely, because you need help. Your VA can’t help if you don’t give them the opportunity.

I’ve been on both sides of the coin here, wearing the hats of both CEO and VA.

As a CEO, it can be scary to hand off those first few tasks. Will your VA handle each task with the same care and detail as you? The answer is yes.

As a VA for over a decade, nothing gave me more satisfaction than offloading tasks from my clients, lighten their load and treat each task and project with just as much detail and respect as my clients would. It was my priority to treat their business exactly like my client would.

You’ve waited long enough. Start delegating today!

 Your Vision is Blurry

 Before you do anything else in your business, get clear on your vision. If you don’t know where you’re going, your team sure as heck won’t know.

  • What is your why?
  • What is your 1 year goal?
  • What is your 5 year goal?

Take some time to get super clear on your vision. It shouldn’t take long, but you DO need to write it down and relay the vision to your team. It doesn’t have to be fancy or include buzzwords, it just needs to be clear and concise.

 You’re a Helicopter CEO

 If you’re still exhausted after you’ve delegated to your team, chances are, you’re a helicopter CEO.

We’ve all witnessed it in one way or another. The parents and the park who won’t let their kids play on the swing set or gain independence on the slide. I’m all about keeping kids safe, but if they eat a little dirt, it isn’t going to hurt them. However, some parents can’t help but hover over Sally and Tommy to make sure they are doing exactly what they should be.

So many business owners tend to do this with their team. It is so, so important to let your VA do their thing. Don’t become a Helicopter CEO. Instead of micro-managing, trust your team to manage tasks and projects. It’s possible that they’ll do it better, anyway.

You keep it all business

 Do you know your VA’s birthday? Do you know their kids’ names?

Why not?

If you want to build a long lasting relationship with your VA, get to know them. Not just what they can do for you, but who they are when they aren’t online.

I send my team birthday gifts, call and leave messages for their kids when they have a big event, and take the time to learn who they are as individuals. It’s given me to an opportunity to know them on a personal level and in turn, has built trust as we’ve worked together over the years.

Are you tired of team members leaving?

Communicate, delegate, get clear on your vision, don’t be a Helicopter CEO, and last but not least, get to know your team as individuals.

Make each of these a priority and you’ll see your team members stick around for the long haul.

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