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10 Onboarding Questions To Ensure Success with your EA

Preparation is the key to success with any new working relationship. Once you’re ready to begin working with a Remote Executive Assistant, we believe it is important to cultivate a healthy work environment from the start. There isn’t a better way to make this happen than by asking the right onboarding questions.

Onboarding is a critical time to lay a foundation for long-term success with your new Executive Assistant. Your intentionality during the first 100 days creates your cadence for communication, priority setting, time management and engagement.

Don’t know where to start? We can help with that. Below, we share 10 questions that will ensure success with your new teammate. These questions are especially important when working with a remote assistant, because you have to work harder to maintain the relationship. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Unfortunately, if you fail to invest to understand how your new team member operates, you won’t build the trust that is so crucial to success with your new EA.

Here are 10 onboarding questions to ensure success with your Remote Executive Assistant.

Work Style

1. When do you work best?

If you are working with a fractional EA, their hours may vary. When can you expect them to be online? Morning, afternoon, or night? When do you need them on? Discussing this expectation will help you know when they are at their prime to connect with you and knock out projects.

2. How do you communicate best?

There are infinite methods for virtual communication, from email to Zoom, Slack or text. What do you prefer? What can your EA commit to? We prefer Slack as our method of regular communication, but believe you and your EA should commit to a standing, 30-minute Zoom meeting at least once a week. During this meeting, review what’s been done, what’s on their todo list, and where you can remove roadblocks. We reserve texts or calls after hours for emergencies.

3. How do you respond to feedback?

Everyone handles constructive criticism differently. How does your EA feel about being called out for dropping the ball? You shouldn’t have to coddle their feelings, but it is important to understand how your teammate responds to feedback.

4. What is a unique skill you bring to your job?

You know what you need help with, but have you ever thought to ask your EA if they have an underutilized or secret skill they have in their arsenal? Their answers may surprise you and inspire new ways to work together.

5. What makes you most proud at the end of the day?

Is it checking tasks off a to-do list? Perhaps it’s knowing they made a difference in your life by keeping you on task. Find out what makes them proud.

Fill In The Blank

6. I’m motivated by _____.

Deadlines? Data? What motivates your assistant?

7. My biggest pet peeve is ________.

We all have them, so find out what drives your assistant crazy… and try not to do that thing!

8. I feel most appreciated when _____.

We recommend taking the StrengthsFinder quiz or Love Languages assessment. This helps you understand how your new teammate likes to be appreciated.

9. My superpower is ______.

What is their superpower? Find out. Chances are, it will benefit you.

10. I’m excited to join this company because _______.

Why are they excited to join your team? Understand where your assistant is at and what they’re passionate about.

We’re certain when you ask these questions and get honest feedback, you’ll have a better understanding of your EA and how they work best. As a result, you’ll know how to become the leader your teammate needs. Talk about onboarding success!

When you’re ready to add a new team member, let us know. Priority VA understands the importance of onboarding the right people. Click here to schedule a call when you’re ready.

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