you shouldn't host a webinar alone

Why You Shouldn’t Host A Webinar Alone

Webinars seem to be all the rage. You can pack such great value into a 90 minute session!

I’ve watch people pack webinars full and stay past the live Q&A because the webinar was packed with such great content that they felt like they were drinking from a hose.

I’m amazed every time I attend a webinar, because it’s like getting a peek into someone’s brain! It’s full of their ideas and personality. It’s fascinating!

I can’t even begin to list out the number of webinars I have attended and the roles I’ve played as support, attendee and host.
Now, I’m not here to tell you which platform to use or how to set up your webinar. What I would like to tell you is that in order to serve your attendees well, you must, must, must have support. Feel like it isn’t something that’s needed? While I value your opinion and wish for things to always go well, I know that sometimes the stars don’t align and things can go awry…. even for the pros.

Why You Shouldn't Host A Webinar Alone


Check your slides

I attended a webinar once, where the host wasn’t on the right slide the ENTIRE webinar. I felt so bad for her. All she needed was someone to let her know that she was off track with her slides and watching the chat for attendees who were all too eager to point out this misstep. Having a VA watching your webinar closely for any hiccups will add even more credibility to your webinar.

Live Q&A

Want more sales? I truly believe this is a clincher! Often times people attend because they’re curious and don’t hop off because they’re on the fence. I’ve watched countless times as people have asked questions in a live Q&A setting, heard the program or product explained clearly then purchased and fell in love with their purchase. You can’t go wrong with this feature! Why do you need support in this area? Well, when you’re on a webinar making sure that you’re on the right slide and trying to filter through questions, it can be a little difficult. The easiest and most effective way to run a live Q&A is to have your VA on the back end of your webinar sending questions to you via Skype or text message. They can grab questions that will be the most valuable and can even segment similar questions. You won’t have to worry about a thing!


Have you thrown a party and invited everyone you knew? Wait… that’s the Golden Girls song, but I digress! Of the many tens of hundreds of people that you invited, did they all show up to your party? No. We are all well intentioned people with busy lives. With all the good intentions in the world, we can’t make it to every party or webinar that we want to attend. We have baseball games, piano recitals and meetings. Having the option for a replay to send to your audience is crucial! Having a VA designated to record, upload and provide a replay link in a timely manner will increase your sales.

Do you want to know the good news? We have a webinar team here at Priority VA! Virtual Assistants that specialize in webinar support. If you have an upcoming webinar, let us know.

We would love to give you the support you need to make your webinar run smoothly!

Tell me… what is the best webinar you have attended?