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Tips for Leading a Team When You Move Fast and Adapt

Do you ever feel like your team is moving too slow? Or that they are having a hard time adapting to change and pivoting when it’s needed?

If so, there may be a good chance that you are a leader who identifies as a “quickstart.”

A quickstart is a term from the Kolbe A™ Index that measures how you deal with risk and uncertainty. A quickstart likes to experiment to see what will happen. They shake things up with innovation, move fast and are willing to improvise. 

Quickstart qualities can be frustrating to less adaptive team members. 

This post will give you tips for how to lead your team effectively with these qualities in mind.

Tip #1: 

Be clear with your team about the goals and outcomes you envision and any possibility for risk.

If they are aware of the risks, they will be more likely to help you find new ways to meet those goals or find a way around them altogether if needed.

Tip #2: 

Be honest about your fast-paced work environment when hiring. We encourage brutal honesty in job descriptions so less adaptive candidates can self-select out of the process. 

The more you share up front, the less shocking it will be after hiring! 

Tip #3: 

Frequently check in with your team if you sense stress or frustration.

Just as you are a quickstart, less adaptive members of your team are considered “counteracting.”

This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just how they approach problems. Ask them how they are doing and how you can allay their fear or feel more at ease with changes. 

Tip #4:

Reward your team when they save you from yourself. 

Just because you move lightning fast doesn’t mean you are always right!

Sometimes leaders need less adaptive team members to keep their quickstart in check. This can be a blessing, even if it is frustrating at times.

Reward members of your team who keep you from going down an unproductive bunny trail or chasing a shiny object. 

Tip #5:

Anticipate challenges and proactively communicate. 

Rather than pushing your agenda and aggressive timelines “because you said so,” try to win your team’s buy-in. 

Sell them on your vision. Share your timeline and equip them with what they need to make it happen. 

Hear their concerns. Try to meet them where they’re at, while showing them where you want to go.

This kind of leadership will be met with a lot LESS pushback or internalized resentment.

Do you want more practical tips for leading your team as a quickstart? Schedule a Kolbe A™ to A™ coaching session with a member of our team. As Kolbe Certified Consultants, we help leaders and members of their team navigate challenges before they happen.

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