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Tell Me What to Do: Why You Want an Assistant Who Will Take the Lead

Leadership is hard. And it’s even harder when you’re trying to do it all on your own. That’s where a good Executive Assistant comes in – someone who can take the lead and help you manage your time and resources effectively.

As a leader, you want an assistant who is going to tell you what to do. You don’t have time to hand-hold, micromanage and play babysitter for someone who is supposed to be managing your schedule and productivity. Working with an assistant who sits back and waits for instructions is painstaking.

You need someone who can take charge and help you make things happen. That’s why we say that Executive Assistants are leaders. They should be decisive and proactive, so that you can focus on your larger picture goals.

Working to Make Your Life Easier

One of our clients wanted a new assistant because his current EA was not serving at the level he needed to feel taken care of. He shared a story of flying out of state for a conference and sales meetings.

When he arrived at his hotel, he looked at his calendar — and it was blank. He had no details on where he was going or who he was meeting with. He was given no bios, no agenda, nothing. 

He asked his former EA for the details. They responded, “Well, I emailed you!”

No, no. no. Our client knew that answer wasn’t good enough. An EA who says, “I emailed you!” has made their life easier…not their leader’s. That kind of response is like chucking a football up the field and hoping someone catches it. 

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That is not the work of an EA. Their job is to help you feel held, supported and crystal clear on “what’s next.” You shouldn’t have to hunt them down for that information. It should be brought to you.

You don’t want to have to dig through your inbox to find out appointment details. You want an EA who will transfer that to your calendar, so everything is in one place.

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If you book a flight, your EA can check in for you — even though you are more than capable of checking in for yourself.

If you have a Zoom call scheduled, you want an assistant who will give you pertinent information about the potential client. They should do research on them: where they work, what they last tweeted about, that they have two kids and one likes giraffes. 

A top-tier Executive Assistant will pay attention to these details.

Willing to Act On Your Behalf

As a Leader, you are moving a million miles an hour. You are juggling clients, family and an entire team. If an EA asks you to find pertinent information in your inbox, they are asking you to do their job for them. 

You’re not crazy for wanting an assistant to be your “external brain.” You want someone who will see that you have a funeral on your calendar in two weeks and will send flowers and a frozen meal to the grieving family without waiting to be told.

An Executive Assistant who takes the lead doesn’t ask, “How can I help?” They tell you what they have done — and will do — on your behalf to lighten your load.

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Your desire for an EA who tells you what to do is a reasonable request. If you have worked with EAs who are passive, you may not know that this level of service is possible.

An Excellent EA is Worth Their Weight in Gold.

When you find the right person who is willing to step up, you can reach new heights in your business and your leadership.

An Executive Assistant who takes the lead is game changing. They take work off your plate and protect your time, energy and focus so you have bandwidth to lead. 

Don’t Do It Alone – Find Support

If you’re looking for an assistant who can take charge and help you make things happen, we’d be happy to chat with you about our services. Our team can help you find an assistant who will manage your time and resources effectively, and keep you on track to achieve your goals. Schedule a free strategy call today to get started!

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