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Executive Assistants: Tips for Nailing Your Next Zoom Interview

Many people see the Zoom interview as more than just another step in the hiring process. It can be make-or-break when it comes to landing your next Executive Assistant job. 

How will you prepare for this meeting? What pitfalls should you avoid? We have 5 tips that will set you up for success during your next Zoom interview.

#1 – Prepare Your Technology 

Let’s be honest, technology never seems to cooperate when you need it to. Avoid any glitches or connection issues by preparing your technology. Update your computer software settings. Connect to the call with the latest version of your browser. Open Zoom early and test your audio and video settings. Do everything you can to make sure technology is on your side at a time you need it to! And please, don’t show up on time. Join the Zoom interview at least 5 minutes early to guarantee a strong start. 

#2 – Prepare To Demonstrate Your Skills

We are going to let you in on a little secret. If you tell us in your resume or cover letter that you are proficient in project management software like Asana, we may just ask you to demonstrate your skills live during the interview. This is a test of your proficiency, but also your integrity. Can you do what you say you can do? Do you represent yourself and your skill set accurately on your resume and LinkedIn profile?

#3 – Prepare Questions For The Executive

When you show up with questions for your potential executive, it shows you are thinking deeply about the role. What does a standard work day look like in this role? What does success look like? What work style would a candidate need to be successful? Avoid asking questions like, “How will I get paid?” You only have 30 minutes during an interview. Ask questions that will make the most of your time to see if you two will be a right-fit for each other. We recommend asking questions about company culture and values and the executive’s vision for the future.

#4 – Conduct Your Interview From a Professional Setting

If you are interviewing from a coffee shop, it is likely that the executive will be distracted by people walking in and out of the establishment. It might also be loud. Find a location with no interruption or noise to conduct your interview. We love it when prospective EAs interview from a dedicated workspace. Is this required? No. But it helps reduce distractions and shows your professionalism.

#5 – Be Authentic 

At Priority VA, we want executives to hire the right-fit teammate. That’s only possible when everybody — the candidates and executives — are being authentic during the Zoom interview. Show your real self and be open to describing what you’re passionate about or where you find purpose. How would you like to grow within this position? What attracted you to this company or this position specifically? Finally, what’s not in your wheelhouse? Don’t feel the need to sell yourself in every category. Knowing what you can’t do, or don’t know how to do, is just as important as what you can.

If you’re looking for your next Executive Assistant position, don’t hesitate to join our opportunity list. If you’re tired of watching job boards or constantly having to send emails to find out if new positions are available, sign up for our opportunity list. When new jobs post, we send you an email, as well as helpful tips/advice along the way.

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