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5 Tasks Online Retailers Should Outsource To A Virtual Assistant

Whether you sell products on Amazon or you’re a blogger who scours the internet for the best deals, there are tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant that will decrease your stress and increase productivity.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant to manage pieces of your business that are bogging you down will be the best deal of the season. (Get it?!) By recruiting the support of a Virtual Assistant, you’ll be able to work within your zone of genius and have someone on your team who understands how to support and anticipate the needs of your business.

To get you started, here is a list of 5 things an online retailer should outsource to a Virtual Assistant.

1. Inbox Management for All Partnerships

With a flood of partnership requests, it’s easy to:

A) Feel overwhelmed

B) Let requests fall through the cracks.

Outsource your inbox to a Virtual Assistant and ask them to prepare a daily report of partnership requests. The details can easily be organized in a Google Doc to allow you quick look to determine if the partnership is right for you. In addition to organizing requests and potential partnerships, your Virtual Assistant can reply on your behalf and manage your partnerships.

2. Manage Contracts For Partnerships

Partnerships come with a lot of behind the scenes work and contracts are an important piece. A Virtual Assistant can manage the contract details by editing, sending, and organizing all of your contracts. Software such as Hello Sign or DocuSign are great resources to send contract electronically. Once the contracts are signed, your Virtual Assistant can store all of the contracts in Google Drive or Dropbox for easy referral.

3. Manage Payments and Invoices

In addition to managing contracts, your Virtual Assistant can also manage sending invoices and managing payments for your partnerships. Often times, invoicing and payment processing isn’t a sweet spot for entrepreneurs. Instead of trying your best, outsource your weaknesses, including the money side of your business.

4. Orgazine Photography And Content For Marketing Promotions

Regardless of whether or not you take your own photos or use photos provided by partners, it’s important to keep the photography and content organized. Rather than house everything on your desktop, ask your Virtual Assistant to organize photos and content in either Google Drive or Dropbox. We recommend creating a folder for each partnership and add any social media images, swipe copy, etc., that you’ll need for promotion and store it in the folder for easy access.

5. Website Updates

Outsource website updates to your Virtual Assistant whether it’s to your business website or a website such as Amazon or Etsy. As deals, partnerships, and products change, website updates are important to maintain.

For more ideas on what to outsource to a Virtual Assistant, download our free Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting Things Done: 50 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant and decide what you can outsource to your Virtual Assistant and get some quick wins.

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