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3 Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2017

Every year it’s the same.
Countdown from 10, clink the glasses and make resolutions for the impending year.

If you’re like me, you cross the threshold of a new year with grand ideas.

  1. This year I’ll lose the weight.
  2. This year I’ll save more money.
  3. This year I’ll be a better spouse and parent.

If I had a nickel for every high hope I had at midnight on new year’s eve, well, I’d have a lot of nickels. I’m not that old, so they wouldn’t stack up too high!

While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a clean slate, the promise of a fresh year, often times we feel defeated come January 2nd.

Today, I’m sharing 3 resolutions that are worth keeping in 2017.

1. Take time for you.

This sounds elementary, but I’m here to tell you that it is impossible to pour from an empty cup. Start small. Block off one hour per week to do something you enjoy.

  • Take a walk
  • Take a nap
  • Get your nails done
  • Go to the gym
  • Walk the aisles of Target
  • Read a book
  • Listen to a podcast

As you can see, this hour doesn’t have to be elaborate. Simply something that brings you joy.

2. Make communication a priority

Regardless the size of your team, communication should always be a top priority. Do you want to see growth in your business this year? If so, then communication should be at the top of your priority list.

I tend to get on my soapbox quite a bit when it comes to the topic of communication, but it is vitally important to your business.

Imagine this scenario:

On a Tuesday, you have a random call with your VA. On this call, you decide to create and sell a course. It’s going to be freaking amazing!! You put your VA on a mission of research, content creation and marketing strategy.

Three weeks pass and within those three weeks, you decide that you no longer want to sell the course. You’ve decided to offer something completely different. The problem is, you didn’t communicate this change to your VA. Which means, over the past three weeks, your VA has spent hours upon hours on research and building content for a course that is now a fleeting thought.

Here me out. I’m a woman and 100% entitled to change my mind! It in my DNA. However, if I’m not in constant communication with my team, they don’t have the slightest idea when I change my mind and I’ve wasted time and money sending my VA on a rabbit trail.

Make it a priority to stay in constant communication with your VA. When you’re on the same page, you’ll accomplish so much more!

3. Give yourself grace

There have been too many January 2nds filled with regret. How can I achieve big goals if I can’t even achieve one small goal? My advice to you is this…give yourself grace.

If you run one red light, you don’t get permission to barrel through every red light you see the remainder of day. It’s the same with resolutions. Try as we might, we will not be perfect. Sometimes we fail. If you mess up, remind yourself that it’s okay and start over again.

Too often, we feel as though we have to set extravagant, lofty goals. I have good news for you today. It’s all about the baby steps, my friend! The small, micro-goals that we set today are more likely to be achieved than the shiny goals we set to impress others.

  • Take time for you.
  • Communication with your team.
  • Give yourself grace.

Three resolutions worth keeping in 2017 and years to come.
What is your resolution for 2017?