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10 Most Common Objections to Hiring a Virtual Assistant & How to Overcome Them

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Why did you start your business? Was it to pursue a passion? Or maybe to start or fulfill a legacy? Whatever the reason, it’s highly unlikely that you started a business to check emails or keep up with paperwork all day. Even a virtual assistant does not measure achievement solely on the completion of their to-do list.


 There is no vision in “being busy.” When you stop and think about the next level or newest addition to your enterprise, do you envision all the calls you need to make or forms you need to sign? No. You dream big! You imagine the product, service or solution you are going to incorporate and deliver to the market. Then you formulate a plan and execute.



You didn’t arrive at this level without some kind of risk. Where is your willingness to take a risk today? Where are you spending your time? Is it moving your company forward, or are you bogged down in “being busy?” If you continue on your current trajectory, where will your business be in five years? Could you survive an economic downturn?


Yes, these are the hard questions. Do you know what’s more difficult than answering these questions? Stagnation.  


This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s a wake-up call. You know you want to do more, be more, win more. The only problem is there are no more hours in the day to make it happen. So, how do you get to the next level? You hire it done. Yes, this involves bringing on a virtual assistant. Because, as Priority VA’s founder, Trivinia Barber likes to say, the successful VA is one who is a virtual clone of the entrepreneur. They are strategic partners who contribute to your productivity and ultimately to the bottom line of your enterprise. 




Now, let’s go ahead and address all the reasons why you won’t hire a virtual assistant.

1. No time to train.

What if “training” happened one time? Do you have standard operating procedures? Do they work? One facet of a virtual assistant’s role is streamlining processes into something that can be replicated time and again. This is the foundation of the success of McDonald’s: repetition. We can boil down all the “activities” into a series of action items. With standard operating procedures, the training is mapped out on paper for whoever is sitting at that desk.

If it worked for McDonald’s, it can work for you.

2. Other Virtual Assistants have let me down.

The human element of this industry cannot be avoided. However, we can mitigate risk throughout the relationship by asking a few questions. How were the expectations set? How did you choose that company? Did you get what you paid for?

We’ve disappointed people, and it’s a painful situation for everyone involved. As with all reciprocal relationships, communication and trust are key. It’s never fun when a situation goes down the tubes, and all anyone can do to remedy the mistake is apologize, and move forward with a better understanding of the anticipated outcome.

Here’s a bit of advice: assistants who are regularly invested in by their bosses, or clients are more inspired to take on projects, learn new things and give of their time and talents in new ways than those that are “expected” to take on a new task because you sign their paychecks.

3. I don’t know what to delegate.

Well…how about starting with anything that gives you an excuse to procrastinate? This could be a technological concept or product that you don’t care to learn, like social media or cloud-based accounting software. Your VA is likely well-versed on both. Let them have a crack at something you are ambivalent about. You have to start somewhere, right?

Read our article How to Decide What to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant for the exact steps you need to take to start getting things off your plate. 

4. It’s cheaper to use offshore.

So many companies compete on price in today’s economy. This is the race to zero if you’re not the low-price leader. Sometimes, we as consumers want a little luxury in our day-to-day interactions. Show your customers they’re worth the extra money. The investment will be worth it over the lifetime of the client.

5. It’s even cheaper to do it myself.

It’s actually more expensive. Your time is more valuable to grow your company. Are you worth $80 an hour or $800 to the health of your business? Maybe it’s time to step back and find the root cause of your cash flow issues. If you’re the face and brand of your company, your time is better spent closing deals, rather than nurturing inquiries.

6. I don’t know what tools I’d use to work with someone remotely.

We got you covered. If it’s available, your virtual assistant has either tried it, bought it, used it, or tossed it. It’s part of your virtual assistant’s job to know what technology and systems work best for your business needs.

7. I don’t know if I have 10 hours a week of work for someone.

You do, you just don’t know it yet. How many hours a week do you spend on ignoring emails, booking appointments, rescheduling meetings? You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish – including time spent away from the office (on a vacation maybe?) – when we take the burden of communication off of your plate.

8. My spouse/ business partner isn’t on board with this.

Change is scary. We understand that. Having someone work for you that you don’t see in person every day is also scary. It’s okay if they aren’t on board today. We can continue the conversation to uncover what is behind their hesitation. Sometimes it takes a virtual stranger to nudge someone out of their comfort zone and onto the road to greatness.

9. Wouldn’t an in-person assistant work better?

Why? Do you have room for them in your office? Do you have the perfect candidate in your community? If you do, why aren’t they working for you now?

10. What if an employee is a better option?

An employee is better if you want to pay payroll tax, benefits, keep up with sick and holiday time for someone who may or may not have the specialization that you need to grow your business.

At some point, you may want a full or part-time employee. But if you’re worried about the logistics of job duties, justifying a salary, and keeping someone busy for blocks of time, a virtual assistant is the perfect transition on the path to hiring an employee.

You’re not in business to practice.

This is your life, your money, your future. Nobody but you can make the decision to stay where you are, or move somewhere – be that up or down. You know this. After all your experiences, you have razor-sharp instincts. You know it’s time to stop being that person who sends emails on weekends.

It’s time to take your business to the next level. Think about where your company will be in 120 hours – that’s 10 hours a week for approximately 90 days. Yes, adding a virtual assistant to your team is that manageable, productive, and necessary.

The time is now. Your business is worth it. Click here.


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