Serving You Better Than Ever: PVA 2.0!

Serving You Better Than Ever: PVA 2.0!

TL;DR – We now offer 4 ways to serve our clients and a new program to develop your Executive Assistant. If you have questions or if you’re ready to build your team with an Executive Assistant, book your Free Consult Call today.

2020 has become it’s own hashtag (#dumpsterfire) to bring levity to what has been for a lot of us, a shit show of a year. Priority VA hasn’t been spared the need to make way for new ideas, fresh perspective and a rebirth of what is most important to us during these past 6 months.

We’ve explored ways to serve our clients and virtual assistants, had hundreds of phone calls, emails, zoom meetings and text messages to encourage, equip, empower and engage. Our focus, as always, is to build relationships and serve.

Since 2013, we have sourced Jacks and Jills of all trades to small business owners. We have placed techies, customer service reps, executive assistants, marketing mavens, and on and on.

We’ve autopsied countless relationships between CEOs and their assistants. We’ve seen what worked, what didn’t and most importantly, the WHY behind each situation.

The choices we’ve made to serve you better in the future are a result of the answers we found. Executives lose countless hours doing work that an Executive Assistant can do faster, better, and cheaper. We know this inherently and yet leaders stay stuck doing work they hate for far too long before getting the help that can save them.

Because we’ve seen firsthand how the right fit EA can be a living breathing extension of the CEO, we are focusing our business on matching CEOs, Executives and Small Business owners exclusively with Executive Assistants.

In addition to our tough as nails hiring gauntlet, we’ve added new, powerful tools to our tool belt to get you the right fit, faster. We’ve implemented a data backed, scientifically proven system to help us more accurately facilitate the match process between CEOs and their Executive Assistants.

We are now Kolbe CertifiedTM Consultants*.

Kolbe Corp’s unique approach to improving productivity and performance is based on a solid foundation of research and practical application with a proven track record of more than 40 years. Focusing on people’s innate problem-solving instincts sets the Kolbe SystemTM apart.

Unlike personality or skills based tests, Kolbe identifies people’s natural talents and problem solving, i.e. how they get things done. The conative part of the mind. It is an unchanging and innate part of the mind.20

When we work together, we use the Kolbe System to assess you, the position you want to hire for, and the candidates for the position.

“The Kolbe System™ is remarkable! By avoiding the consequences of bad hires and hassles of employee politics, Kolbe helps business owners focus on the things that got them excited about having a business in the first place.”

Dan Sullivan, President & Founder Strategic Coach


We now offer 4 ways to serve our clients and connect you to your new Executive Assistant.


Ready to put an expert hiring process in place for your growing business on a budget? Don’t do it alone! This is the way to DIY your next, best hire! Our PrioritySYSTEM includes forever-access to our signature program, The Momentum Method™ along with dedicated 1:1 virtual email coaching for 100 days so welcoming new team members that were made for long-term collaborative fit is your everyday reality!


Ready to put a well-deserved Executive Assistant by your side with the experts who can support you and them best? This service equips you and your business with 1:1 fractional EA support (less than 30 hours per week) on a long-term basis. No more plucking talent from a pool for you! Our improved & customized matching process is powered by our talent acquisition team that are also Kolbe Certified™ Consultants! It’s YOUR person matched for YOU.


Ready to make the best hire of your life to scale you and your business without stressing you to the absolute max? Hello PriorityMATCH! This is our done-for-you direct placement program. We do all the heavy lifting on getting who you need by your side – from the hiring profiles, hiring gauntlet, skills assessments, and comprehensive interviews complete with Kolbe Certified™ matching using the RightFit™ Hiring process. Our onboarding kickoff will help you build momentum from day one!


We’ve heard you loud and clear. You want your person, without the constraints to relationship growth that working with a contractor often brings. PriorityHire is a step up from our MATCH program where you’ll not only be placed with an EA that is your partner from the start, but includes 1:1 Success Sessions to support and coach your new hire during their first 100-Days.

If you are ready to build a team you can trust, book your Free Consult Call today!

Now serving those amazing, Growth-Minded Executive Assistants, too.

Introducing MomentumHQ™!

We believe that Founders, CEOs, and small business owners shouldn’t serve this world alone, and neither should your growth-minded Executive Assistant. In this ongoing mentorship, our EA Mentees are Equipped, Empowered, Encouraged, and Engaged through our training, support and guidance to be the partner you trust to carry the load and get shit done.

Executive Assistants in this monthly membership learn new skills, problem solving, systems creation and how to be an emotional rock for you. While they are serving you, we are serving them in a supportive, safe community. We’ll ride the highs and lows, explore new levels of success, and keep building momentum together! Ready to give your Executive Assistant the best support and community money can buy? Invest in their success by giving them access to MomentumHQ™ today!

We’re excited to serve you in these new ways. If you have questions or if you’re ready to build your team with an Executive Assistant, book your Free Consult Call today.

*Trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of Kathy Kolbe and Kolbe Corp. All rights reserved. Used herein with permission.

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