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Is Your Business Killing You?

Last year was hands down one of my hardest years in business. Month after month, I felt the weight of my business weighing on my shoulders. I truly felt like my business was killing me.

Any business owner will tell you that starting and running a business isn’t the cake walk the motivational posts make it out to be. We’re promised that if we quit the corporate 9-5 rat race and work for ourselves, we’ll spend the rest of our days relaxing by a lake, reading an inspirational book while lying in a hammock sipping a gin and tonic…Eh-hem…lemonade.

While the thought of working for ourselves appears to be freeing, the truth is, it is a lot of W.O.R.K.! Long hours, meetings, networking, decisions…oh,the decisions! The list could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the point. Starting and running a business can be draining.

Despite the mental and often times, emotional drain, it’s completely worth it. How can I say that after just telling you how terrible last year was and how difficult it is to start a business?

Because I have learned the secret. I’ll let you in on it if you’d like.

I don’t have to do this business alone. Instead of carrying the entire weight of business on my shoulders, I decided to lock arms with people I trust to carry this business. The first few months of my business, I thought it had to be me and only me that could tackle the hard things in my business.

Look at this lovely team I get to work with!

Over time, I’ve learned that not only do I need others to walk with me, but my business needs others to walk with me, too. It started with the realization three years ago that I needed my own VA. That tiny step resulted in growing a team of highly skilled partners that care about my business as much as I do.

Each time I’ve added a new team member, I’ve felt the weight lift. I no longer needed to eat the antacids I once pounded like candy. I don’t lose sleep because I’m unable to work through my to-do list.

I’ve started sleeping better at night knowing that I have the right seats on the bus. Each of my Priority VA team members is working in the strength, which means that I work in mine.

Sometimes things happen in business that can be frustrating. There are things that will happen that are out of our control. Sharing the weight of the unfortunate events makes it easier to manage.

Are you losing sleep?
Do you feel like your business is killing you?
Do you need a partner to come alongside you and carry the weight of your business?

Instead of buckling under the pressure, wouldn’t it be better to lock arms with someone who can help you through it?

Business is hard, but incredibly rewarding… when it’s done right. I believe the first step in doing business the right was is understanding that you truly cannot do it alone.

What is taking your attention that isn’t necessary?

Email communication?
Creating systems and procedures?

While each task is necessary, it isn’t necessary that YOU manage them.

If you feel like you’re cracking under the pressure of your business.
If you want to start enjoying your business again, then you’re ready for a VA.

I want to chat with you! Take a few minutes to complete this form. Tell me about your business, who you are and what you do. Then let’s schedule a time for us to chat. I’d love to help!

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