5 Lies: I Don't Want or Need An Assistant

5 Lies: I Don’t Want or Need An Assistant

On a recent free Strategy Call with a Certified Momentum Method™ Strategist, we were talking with a CEO and Founder we will call Mary. She knew she was stuck, but couldn’t see her way out. She knew she was overwhelmed and needed an EA, but she had no idea what someone could help her with and was afraid of someone else “owning” her schedule, email, and contacts. The idea of having an Executive Assistant seemed like a luxury, or even an ‘ego trip’ she said.

Mary’s story is not unique. We hear it all the time: CEOs who think they don’t need help or they can’t have help, they need to invest in their team or business first; founders who say that they can do it all themselves or bootstrap their own stuff. There are so many lies built into societal behaviors that we tell ourselves, they become ingrained and masquerade as truths. 

Here are the top 5 lies we hear: 

  1. Only people that have huge egos want an assistant.
  2. Only people wildly successful need an assistant.
  3. I have to invest in my business or my team first.
  4. No one can help me and do things the way I do them.
  5. I can do it all. 

The truth is, an assistant can free you up from the things you hate to do, don’t have time to do, don’t know how to do (technology struggles, anyone?) so you can stay in your zone of genius and do the things that ONLY you can do. 

If an assistant frees you up for 10 extra hours a week, how much is that worth to you? Is that a desire of the ego desire or a desire for balance? 

If an assistant frees you up to focus on your genius zone, how much more successful could you be than you are right now, with your focus split on 15 other tasks and nuisances? 

If you invest in an assistant for yourself, how much better could you lead your business or team? 

If you work with an assistant and provide structured onboarding and SOPs, couldn’t you train the right EA to do things the way you do them, or trust them to do those things better? 

Back to Mary. Mary has let go of a ton of the lies she was telling herself and is working with her new Executive Assistant. They are using our Onboarding Success Kit to make sure that information is transferred from Mary’s brain (where most things had been stored), into SOPs and documented systems so her EA can implement strategies and execute projects moving the business forward towards success. Mary has been pleasantly surprised by the creative ideas her EA has offered to uplevel the behind the scenes processes in her business that free up even more of her time. 

If you’re feeling like Mary was, stuck, overwhelmed, or out of control, apply for a free Strategy Call with a Certified Momentum MethodTM Strategist today.

P.S. If you still think you’re not ready to hire, jump over to the podcast Diary of A Doer, Episode 24 Why You’re Not Ready to Hire (And What to Do About It).

If you’re interested in learning about what an Executive Assistant can do for your business, schedule a strategy call with us.

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