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3 Fundamental Needs Of Every Entrepreneur

You’re a visionary with a savvy approach to business, a desire to not only build a business but to help change someone’s life – and the rest of the world – and you thrive on the challenge of pursuing the next greatest adventure. Welcome to entrepreneurship!

Despite your ambition and enthusiasm, you might not realize exactly what you signed up for when you begin hiking down your new chosen path. It’s easy to become discouraged early on when your friends and family think you’re nuts, you’re working harder than you ever imagined, and the payoff is minimal at best.

That’s okay. That’s usually how it starts. I want to share some insider info on three of the fundamental needs of every entrepreneur, and hopefully get you started on a little firmer ground.

What sets you apart?

What makes you unique? What’s the one thing (or several things) that sets you apart from the other fish in the sea?

Don’t strive only to be different. How are you contributing in an innovative, powerful, influential way? Make a list of what truly sets you apart from your peers, and run with those items. Be proud of what makes you special! Remember this isn’t only what sets you apart, but what you thrive in doing. Your gifts, talents, abilities, and ideas are yours, and the world is waiting for them.

Whether it’s your creativity, your problem-solving ability, or self-awareness, tune into it and watch everything else fall into place. Focus on your unique attributes, and those in search of it will absolutely focus on you and your business. There is only one you, so do you and do you well!

Finding Your Ideal Client

Understand who your target audience is, and map out what the traits your ideal client has, the needs they have you’re able to meet, and the working relationship that will be best for both of you. Know who you’re able to work with and who you can really assist with your special talents.

When I first started PVA, I took every client that ever came along. I was desperate to build my business and thought the more clients I had, the more successful I would be. I’ve since learned there are some clients who simply aren’t good fits for us. It’s nothing personal, it’s sometimes just not a good fit. And (now) I’m okay with that realization! It would have saved me a lot of headache and stress if I had realized it far sooner.

Now, when I meet with someone who says they can’t pay our rate, or doesn’t want a VA to be an integral part of their team, I know I don’t have to sacrifice the integrity of our business to satisfy someone who doesn’t fit the ideal client model.

It’s okay to say “no”. It’s part of doing business. Who knows, maybe one day they will be your ideal client, but it’s simply not the right time!

Know When Bow Out

Once upon a time, yours truly was involved in back-to-back-to-back launches with two high-profile clients. Essentially, I was in “product launch” mode for five months straight, working 15 (or more) hour days. Also, while trying to help these two incredible clients, I was trying to build my own business.

It wasn’t working.

After that chaotic stint, I made some serious adjustments and ended up resigning from my post with one of those clients, and eventually stepping into full time business for myself.  That move wasn’t easy, but it has given me the bandwidth and energy to serve my own customers and team members, with excellence.

I didn’t throw in the towel, but I recognized I needed to make some serious adjustments. Had I tried to keep that pace and struggle through it, I would have given up from sheer exhaustion and complete frustration, and most likely would have believed I was a failure.

Was it easy? No! Was it necessary?  Yes!

If you start your business venture knowing up front these are items you’re going to have to identify and implement, you’ll be better prepared for the other bumps in the road ahead.

You need to: know what you bring to the table, understand who you’re serving, and let go of what is holding you back.


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