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Live Group Coaching with Kelly Ruta

Tuesday February 14th at 1pm ET

Want the secret to working with a Leader who has experienced Trauma?

Kelly Sullivan Ruta is a former clinical psychotherapist of 2 decades who left the profession to raise the bar in the coaching industry with years of formal training, experience and expertise working with the human psyche. She is a sought-after speaker and CEO Development Strategist who helps entrepreneurs create safe and foundational psychological shifts that result in exponential business growth without sacrificing values, ethics or joy.

Kelly believes that women are being called to rise and lead like never before in
modern history and entrepreneurs are perfectly positioned to create a massive
healing impact on the planet. She seeks to positively impact women worldwide by teaching them to
create personal mastery so they are confident, brave, and in COMMAND as they work through the messy phases of scaling and growth.

Live teaching followed by Q&A!