Don't Do It Alone Guarantee - Priority VA

Priority VA Don’t Do It Alone Guarantee

We create leaders that don’t do it alone.

This is our commitment to your success.

What we need from you:

    Leaders who embrace our core values and participate in our signature process will be equipped, empowered, encouraged and engaged to maintain and sustain a mutually beneficial relationship with their EA.

    We need you to embrace the terms of this guarantee and be committed to upholding and abiding by our process.

    Here are the terms

    And expectations for you

      Fact-Finding Strategy Call

      We conduct a fact-finding strategy call to learn about you and your company and to create an Ideal Teammate Avatar. We ask you to define what success looks like, what frustrates you, and to share areas for growth within your company.

      We expect you to participate in this strategy call with authenticity and honesty about who you are, your preferences, your company culture, vision and values. We may also invite you to participate in a short, 15-minute post-strategy call to clarify your needs.

      Kolbe Index Assessments

      We provide for and invite you to take the Kolbe A™ and C™ Index assessments to learn about your conative, or instinct-based strengths, in addition to understanding how your Executive Assistant can best communicate with you. These assessments provide us with a roadmap for finding your Ideal Teammate. They also assist in defining expectations for your working relationship in the years to come.

      We expect you to take the Kolbe A™ and C™ Index assessments and respond honestly, as it would be if you were free to be yourself.

      Personalized Job Description

      We craft a personalized job description based on your vision and values for your desired role. We vet through North American-based candidates according to their passion, purpose, character and proficiency. Your review and approval of this job description ensures we are finding your Ideal Teammate. The more we can work together to drive clarity in role expectations in the beginning of the process, the more successful our search will be.

      Please note that you are entitled to suggest minor adjustments to the job description after it is live (ex: adding a required proficiency). However, any significant changes that alter the scope of work, employee type (whether W2 or 1099) or role, like seeking a Chief of Staff rather than Executive Assistant, is not allow and will require an additional search pipeline and your payment of a new search fee.

      Prep Step Emails

      While we search for your Ideal Teammate, we expect you to open and engage with onboarding “Prep Step” emails. These emails are sent weekly before you are presented with potential EA candidates for about six (6) weeks. We expect you to engage with this content so you are equipped to fully integrate the EA into your business. The Prep Step emails outline tips for delegating your inbox, calendar management, creating a standing meeting with your EA, documenting SOPs, how to build trust, and how to craft an Executive Database.

      Candidate Presentations

      Priority VA presents a minimum of three (3) highly qualified initial candidates for consideration per search. The presented candidates are vetted and qualified based on your required tech, skill and character/personality requirements.

      You have the right to reject a round of candidates. If you reject a round of candidates, we will have a clarity call to understand how we can better find your Ideal Teammate. Priority VA will then present a minimum of three (3) additional candidates for consideration.

      If you reject a second round of candidates, another search will need to be done and another fee paid.  

      Teleconference Interviews

      You, and the Talent Acquisition (TA) specialist serving you, will participate in teleconference interviews with prospective EA candidates. We expect you to engage and communicate with us in a timely manner when scheduling interviews. We also expect you to show up ready and on time for all interviews with EAs.

      If you do not participate after multiple attempts, you may be asked to pay another search fee.

      On the call, we expect you to ask questions to learn about the candidate’s work style, character, and ability to serve you. We strongly encourage you to take notes during this call on the client presentation. Remember, candidates have gone through multiple assessments and interviews before meeting you. This call is meant to serve as your confirmation that they are a cultural fit for you and your organization based on your stated vision, values and desired personality type.

      Placement Guarantee

      Our goal is to have your EA candidate placed inside your organization within 60 days. Priority VA guarantees presenting you a minimum of three (3) candidates within 60 days of signing your contract. There may be instances when we need more than 60 days, for example, if you reject the presented candidates or require multiple rounds of interviews or ask to see writing samples etc.

      Kick-Off Call

      When you have selected an Executive Assistant, you are required to participate in an official Celebration Kick-Off call with your EA and Talent Acquisition Specialist. The purpose of this call is two-fold: to celebrate our new working relationship and to get down to business.

      Your participation in this call is required so that we may clarify the terms of your partnership. For STAFF services, we remind you of your EA’s hourly constraints, and set goals to reach throughout our agreed arrangement term.

      The Kick-Off call also serves to establish your communication cadence with your EA, goals/rocks for your EA for the first 100 days, to provide you with our proprietary Onboarding Success Kit, and to discuss the Relationship Arc When Building a Team. 

      We will also conduct Kolbe A™ to A™ coaching. We believe the Kolbe A™ Index is one of the best tools to anticipate challenges or tension with your prospective EA. This index reveals your instinctive, or conative, strengths. As Kolbe Certified Consultants, we use Kolbe A™ to A™ coaching between you and your EA to improve communication and expectation of work styles. You are expected to participate in this coaching with your EA to give your partnership the best possible foundation for collaboration.

      Offer Letter (MATCH and HIRE Services Only)

      You will copy Priority VA on the official offer letter to your chosen candidate. No contract negotiations may take place without Priority VA. We will also receive the final copy of the signed agreement with your EA. Priority VA will help assist with contract negotiations for both Priority MATCH and HIRE services. 

      Background Check

      All EAs placed with clients are required to complete a background check and provide references, which may be checked by the Priority VA Talent Acquisition team.

      Internal Contractor Support

      All 1099 contractors that serve in a fractional EA capacity placed by Priority VA are provided access to an internal Slack channel, community Facebook group and are granted 24/7 access to internal support. We also provide access to internal support and resources to fulfill obligations of their agreement with Priority VA.

      Post Placement Expectations

      We expect and encourage you to respond to post-placement support emails from our Success Catalyst. We want you to share your wins, your thoughts, and hurdles that you may encounter along the way. In our world, no news is not good news. If you have praise, questions or concerns, please speak up!

      Part of discovering your Ideal Teammate Avatar is ensuring that your EA is fulfilling what you had envisioned. We offer coaching and advice along the way to help grow and nurture your business so your reach can extend even further.

      1:1 With Trivinia

      Roughly one month after your EA has joined the team, you will be invited to attend a one-on-one call with founder, Trivinia Barber, or another member of our team, to chat about your experience with Priority VA, how things are going with your EA, and how we can continue to serve you. We expect you to attend and participate in this call to respond to any challenges and share any wins.


      Periodically after EA placement, you will receive a short, two-question survey via email about your experience working with Priority VA. Your response to this survey is required, as it updates our team and allows us to brainstorm ways to better serve you and your business. Let’s max out those “wins”!

      Calibration Calls (STAFF services only)

      Approximately 12 weeks after your EA placement, and once per quarter thereafter, you will be invited to attend a 30-minute calibration phone call with your EA and Success Catalyst. This call serves to outline the plan for ongoing relationship building and role development for the next 12 weeks of continued success.


        We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve you. We strive to make kick-ass matches with long-term impact for both leaders and EAs. Thank you for your willingness to put in the work to mentor, integrate and engage with your Executive Assistant. 

        – Priority VA Team