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Whether offshore or domestically, finding a great VA that can help you tackle the big or small tasks in your business is critical to your growth. We’ve put together some information on what can be outsourced to a virtual assistant so you are prepared when the time comes to bring in contracted help.

We’ll send you the “Entrepreneurs Guide to Getting Things Done:
50 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant” when you enter your name and email.

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32,382 VA'S HIRED

According to Forbes… 32,382 virtual assistants hired via just one freelance talent platform in the past year.


89% of people DONT finish what’s on their to-do lists each day” – Huffington Post citing a Linked In Survey


Nearly 3 out of 4 respondents said they would prefer to work with a dedicated point of contact. – Virtualassistantassistant.com


give us a call


What We Do

Priority VA helps overwhelmed, overloaded entrepreneurs and business owners like you understand how to delegate, outsource and eliminate the tasks they don’t know how to do, don’t want to do, or don’t have time to do. So they can focus on what they were created to do.

Having a committed VA on your side to pitch in and trust with responsibilities that take you away from your zone of genius is fundamental to your success and business longevity. Working with a Virtual Assistant means you’ve got someone in your corner who’s always got your back, and you never have to “go it alone.”

Listen to what Kate Erickson of EOFire has to say about Priority VA.

Who We Are

I’m Trivinia, founder of Priority VA, and I’m a business owner like you with one big difference: I’m a Virtual Assistant, too. I’m in the trenches with other VA’s doing the work, and I know what it takes to get the results you’re after.

Serving high profile clients like Amy Porterfield has given me the skills and insights necessary to help you build, grow and elevate your business. And, as a mom of four children, I know what it’s like to juggle running a thriving business with family demands.

I understand the tasks you need to outsource so you can get focused, productive, and achieve optimal results. You’ll be pleasantly surprised what you can do with even just an extra 5 hours a week when you’ve got the right help.

why priority va?

Character Matters

Temperament and character trump any skill set. If our VAs lack character, they don’t make the cut.


Total Transparency

Transparency in time tracking and task completion using our project management tool.


Lasting Relationships

Longterm collaborative relationships are key to our business. It’s not simply one and done tasks. We build teams and focus on long term collaborative relationships.

Passion to Serve

We have a passion to serve, and we’re the anti-”it’s all about me” business. We truly want our VAs to make things about you, so you feel like you’re truly the priority.



The many hats you’re wearing are wearing you thin – chasing down unpaid invoices, entering receipts, or messing around with online programs for your social media photos.


You’ve become burdened by the challenges of growing a business and can’t fathom the hassle of finding help and training an assistant.


Scaling your business is elusive because you struggle to avoid the pitfalls and potholes of a one-person show, but hiring a full time person is not in the cards for now.


You’re reluctant to start that product launch or webinar you’ve been putting off for too long – because you’re tired of doing it all alone.


Forging new relationships and reinforcing existing ones with kid-glove client care used to be your forte, now, things are dropping through the cracks.


Balance is not even on your radar, but you desperately crave and need it.

we would love to assist you!


  • Working with Michele from Priority VA was a total game-changer for me! At
    first, I thought I just needed ad hoc help with specific tasks. But, what
    Michele did was take a big step back and look at how I was managing my
    day-to-day from a strategic standpoint. She convinced me to go to "zero
    inbox", which I was certain I could never do. She created standard
    operating procedures and new ways of working that simply helped me be my
    best. The crazy thing is it even did things like reduce my stress and give
    me a better sense of success with the "big things" I wanted to work on. I
    had tried working with two other VA's in the past and working with a
    Priority VA was a HUGE difference given their training and dedication to
    the client.

    Katie Stricker

  • You guys are fantastic and I constantly talk about how good Priority VA is for my business. I have to admit that I didn’t think it was possible for you guys to find someone as good as my last VA; however, you proved me wrong with Kate. I am very fortunate to have her on my team!!!

    Andrew Lewin

  • Priority VA worked hard to find a VA who is a perfect fit for our business – skills, personality, and core values. Because of Priority VA, we have reduced our costs and stress, and increased our productivity and profits. I recommend them every chance I get.

    Ray Edwards

  • I have no idea how Trivinia’s Priority VA team did it – all I did was answer a quick questionnaire – but they matched me with my perfect VA, and my investment has already seen 100% return in the most critical of all assets: MY TIME!

    There are only a few decisions in business that we can look back on and say: “I got that one 1000% right!”.

    Pam Prior

  • I’ve referred numerous business owners to Trivinia and Priority VA after she placed the perfect person inside of one of my companies. Each of those referrals has always looped back around and told me how thrilled they are with their new team member. There’s nothing better than seeing your friends be able to do more of the stuff they’re great at, because they finally have someone who loves to do the stuff they’re not great at doing.

    Todd Herman