The Moderate - Priority VA

You’re conservative.
A planner.
Every move is calculated. 

You strive to protect the resources at hand. You have money in the bank, but not necessarily because you’re a “saver” but more out of fear. You call it a “doomsday” fund because you know there will come a day when you need to have money for an emergency and because you’re afraid of losing money or spending it on the wrong thing, you’re slow to invest and are a cautious decision maker. 

Moderates are the founders that have a Plan A and Plan B… and Plan C. 

Moderates are prepared thinkers that tend to do well in launching products or services, because they’ve thought of everything. They are the type of person that customers reply to emails to say thanks for being so thorough. They willingly share information and always want to help someone else. 

“Plan your work and
work your plan.”
– Napoleon Hill

The Challenge


The Moderate is forever tweaking and making things perfect which can lead to procrastination, and a general stalling out of ideas. It might take two years to launch a new course because they want to be sure it’s just right. If it isn’t perfect, it isn’t done!


Moderates are prepared for every situation and think through every worst case scenario in the name of preparation. They’ll leave no stone unturned and will think of every worst-case scenario AND best-case scenario, so when it’s time to share their product it’s the absolute best version it can be.


Although the product is perfect (at the time), it can take years to launch because perfectionism often results in procrastination. Nothing will ever be good enough so blog posts are delayed, your social media feed isn’t as good as (fill in the blank, so why try to compete with their highlight reel?!), and you’re constantly dragging your feet in the name of perfection.

Support Style


Moderates are best served by having a team around them that will be a driver. An integrator or project manager is often best for Moderates, because it allows them to relinquish control, that need to hold on to every project and “make it right” gets gently nudged along by a strong integrator that will not only ensure that project go out on time, they’ll be sure they are done well. 

Collaboration for a Moderate may mean more meetings than a team prefers, but a strong Project manager will be sure that a Moderate has all the information they need to feel secure in the direction the team is headed. A Moderate will need more time to digest plans, and will need the financial data to back up a decision. If you are a moderate, be sure you communicate with your team to bring you information, not just theory. 

Data will be your friend and will help you see the big picture, and the line items you’ll need to move forward. Moderates will need deadlines and someone to hold their feet to the fire. There IS risk and vulnerability involved, and Moderates will need a solid team around them to push them to get things created, shipped and sold. 


Your VA should be the one to keep you accountable. If you have a deadline, allow them to be the one to follow up with you and push you to meet your deadline. Accept the prodding from them because without the persistence of your VA, chances are, you’d never launch a product but always wish you had. 

In addition to keeping you accountable which let’s face it, is a full-time job, ask your VA to track KPIs and give weekly updates. If you get into the weeds of the numbers of your business, you’ll become so laser focused on the data and nothing will ever be good enough. Ask your VA to give you time to process the stats each week. Share ideas of how you can adjust the outcome and give your VA the freedom to implement your new ideas. Let them work their magic! 

Books You Should Read

Tools You’ll Love

No matter what type of business owner you are, we’re guessing if there’s one thing you could use a little more of, it’s time. We’ve handpicked some tools for you to help you get more out of your day. Try them out and see what you think!