The Growth-Minded - Priority VA

The Growth-Minded entrepreneur is always thinking about what’s next. Opportunities are everywhere, and a shut door means there’s an open window somewhere. You go all-in on an idea and are willing to bet the farm on it. 

You’re willing to use what you have to get what you believe can be achieved. You are an opportunity seeker and are extremely proactive. While you’re often admired by your peers for being a risk taker and fully committed, you’re always looking for the next thing to invest in, start or create, which can make you hard to keep up with. Often times, you’re running 90 miles an hour and tend to grow impatient when someone can’t keep the same pace. 

“Don’t worry about failure. Worry about the chances you miss
when you don’t even try.”
-Sherman Finesilver

The Challenge

Growth-Minded business owners are quick to start projects, their mantra is “Version one is better than version none”. You thrive on communication tools like Slack and Voxer because you just need the idea out of your head. Once you’ve closed that tab in your brain, you can move on to the next thought.


There isn’t a problem you can’t tackle with a solution made up on the fly. You’re resourceful and ingenuitive. People like working with you because you’re quick on your feet. You thrive on your speed and wit to get the job done. 


You have a new idea before the last one has even finished leaving your lips. To you, it may seem like a strength. However, to your team it can be incredibly frustrating and often times confusing. Instead of bouncing from one idea to the next, give your team time to check the box on one project before moving to the next.  

Support Style


Communication is going to be key to your success because you have the idea perfectly mapped out in your head, and translating that to a baton your team can make actionable is often challenging for you. “Why Don’t they just get it” or “I don’t understand what’s taking so long”, are phrases you mutter to yourself, or out loud often.  Growth Minded folks need a varied team around them. Our successful growth minded clients have larger teams, often because a variety of inputs are necessary to keep up with the ever changing priorities of these founders. 


Your Virtual Assistant should be able to match your cadence, although their goal is slightly different. While you’re the visionary who is working at a fast pace and full of ideas, your remote team will be the ones to implement your ideas. 

They should be able to see the vision and instead of waiting for direction, they take quick action to implement your ideas. This means your VA will create deadlines, a strategy, and check off every box until the project is complete. In doing so, your ideas don’t remain wishes or goals written on a piece of paper, but are given legs. 

Books You Should Read

Tools You’ll Love

No matter what type of business owner you are, we’re guessing if there’s one thing you could use a little more of, it’s time. We’ve handpicked some tools for you to help you get more out of your day. Try them out and see what you think!