Vena B. - Priority VA

Vena B.

It’s difficult for me to express the depth of my appreciation for the impact Trivinia and Chris and the PVA team have had in my business and my life. When I first signed on with PVA I had no idea that, a year later, DHS authorities would contact my husband and me to take in a severely traumatized juvenile as a foster kid (and eventually his older brother) as a kinship placement (my husband is remotely related to them.) I would not have been able to bear the financial burden that this request placed on our shoulders without the consistent income I receive from my PVA client. During those early difficult and chaotic months it seemed the one stability I had was my work for my PVA client and the financial income I knew I could count on. I looked forward to my weekly sessions with my client and embraced the mission he had for his business with gusto, remembering the part of me that could, indeed, produce results. As I continued my professional journey with the foundation of PVA underpinning my spirit, the juveniles placed in my care sensed my security and, perhaps for the first time in their young lives, felt secure as well. Slowly but surely we started to witness their growth and recovery, and to see them start to blossom under the love and care we unconditionally offered them. I attribute at least some of their growth and serenity to the growth and serenity I experienced in my life. knowing that PVA was there to support me in a very tangible, basic way. More recently, the free trainings that are being offered are giving me added mindfulness for my business and again, I am seeing my growth mirrored in the growth of my foster kids, who are now placed with us permanently, and adoption discussions are on the table. I am more confident in my abilities as a virtual assistant and as a foster/adoptive parent in part due to Priority VA, and for that, I will eternally be grateful. I can’t imagine a better quality organization – if you have the opportunity to work with PVA in any capacity I would highly recommend it!