Alexis L. - Priority VA

Alexis L.

Thanks to PVA, I am FREE! Free from 2+ hours of commute in Houston traffic. Free to attend any event at my children’s school without having to ask (beg) for an hour or two off in the morning, or being looked at as ‘unavailable’ because I need to leave work because my son is sick, or I want to go on a field trip. I’m free to stop work at 3 pm and be fully present for my sons when they get home and resume work after they go to bed. I’m free from day care bills. I’m free from dry cleaning bills (although I do still dress professionally ‘most’ days). I’m free from gossiping, unhealthy coworkers. I’m free from hitting a ‘glass ceiling.’ I’m free from working for people or companies whose morals contradict mine.

Additionally, I’m blessed and inspired! I am working with and for some major rock stars in their areas of business. Getting a front row seat to see my clients grow, overcome challenges and excel in their fields is nothing short of amazing.