This stage requires a focus on Sales and Systemization as a priority.  You are likely serving as the Owner or a Team of One right now.  

It’s time to start creating repeatable processes from the ground up so you can equip a new team hire or two, whether employee or contractor and delegate with ease.  Your ability to master delegation is key to doing only the things you can do.

Your Priority Focus Must Be:

Deep Dive Your Customer Journey and Stabilize With An Executive Virtual Assistant

When the right people can move through a well-defined process your business gains traction.  Right now, this journey to set up expectations starts with you.  

During Team Inception, the greatest threat to your business is missing the mark on delivering consistent customer experiences that move a relationship from learning who you are to sharing the love of who you are! 

The Customer Experience Journey is the most important process to document.  

In the early stages of momentum, creating repeatable processes are only something you should be doing.  You know what you expect better than anyone else and spending time in this area allows others to duplicate efforts without you later.  

 Need help during the Team Inception stage?  Of course, you do!

We believe to our core your first team hire should be an Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA for short!).  An Executive VA can radically serve to stabilize your life and business as a trusted gatekeeper, protector, liaison, and advocate.

The priority outcome for your EVA role is Executive Organizational Leadership.

Executive VA Areas of Ownership:

Inbox Management and Collaboration

Complex Calendar Management and Scheduling

Executive Priority Project Management and Coordination

Executive Travel Preferences, Budget, and Coordination

Attend Meetings - Create Meeting Minutes and Action Items

Event Planning and Budget Creation or Executive Team Support

Reporting, Research, and Purchasing for Executive Needs

The #1 Reason Businesses “Fail To Scale” Is Because They Don’t Have Systems That Create and Sustain Momentum

Business isn’t static –– it’s always in motion. At any given moment, your business is either moving forward or backwards. As a CEO, President, Founder, Thought Leader, or Business Owner –– you are the deciding factor. 

Your strengths as a leader got you where you are today, but to scale successfully you need systems that reflect and replicate your unique set of talents and distributes them among employees and customers. 

Isn’t It Time You Knew Exactly Who You Need On Your Team, What To Do Next, and How To Create Momentum To Achieve Your Desired Outcomes Working In Your Genius?

The Momentum Method™️ program helps Small Business Owners, Thought Leaders, and Executives identify who they are, who they need with them, and where they’re going next in business and life.