Success Catalyst - Priority VA

 Success Catalyst
(Customer Success Manager/Recruiter)

What We Do:

Priority VA gives highly-skilled Executive Assistants a flexible, work from home opportunity to leverage their purpose, passions, gifts, and talents to radically serve the Founders, CEOs, Thought Leaders, and Small Business Owners we attract.

It’s true – we expect the highest and best performance from our Executive Assistants,  but we also have a deeply vested interest in encouraging, equipping, empowering, and engaging the Executive Assistants who receive the privilege of serving our clients. We care about the personal growth of our EAs, making them our priority so our clients can be their priority.  This is what sets us apart from other agencies.

No one does it alone at Priority VA because relationships matter.  We’re in the business of building relationships branded by trust and serve to drive the most important outcomes for ourselves, our team, and our clients across the finish line.   The Founders, CEOs, Thought Leaders, and Small Business Owners we serve don’t have to lead their life or business stuck, alone, and out of control. They do have a choice and we want Priority VA to be the choice that leads them through and up.



We don’t help, we serve.  We give our time, energy, talent, and resources in a way that defies logic or reason for what we are most passionate about… people in need. 


We are open, honest, and choose to live above board in all we do.  We protect all that we value, admit our mistakes, and make things right when we miss the mark. 


The truth is worth everything and we welcome the hard conversations.  We look in the mirror first and hold the mirror up for others so we all move forward together.


When we give our “Hell Yeah” this means we live, do, and play ALL-IN.  We believe early is on time, acting with urgency matters, and encouragement builds you up.    


We live empowered, learn always, and own our outcomes.  We celebrate victories, bring ideas, create solutions, challenge ourselves & others without sacrificing fun! 


It’s all about momentum.  A life or business with momentum is a force for good that grows stronger and faster as time passes to achieve the desired outcomes.       



Radical Service.  This is the DNA of a Virtual Success Catalyst who is outcome-driven, forward-thinking, and highly organized.  These are the marks of a Priority VA Success Catalyst. It is someone who finds deep joy in creating, building, and maintaining all kinds of client and team relationships — especially when the opportunity to coach, mentor, strategize, problem-solve and resolve conflicts to achieve mutually beneficial wins for all involved presents itself.  It’s a high-stakes game and if doing this work in radical service sounds like a dream then we might be a perfect match!

Priority Areas of Ownership

~ Relationship management for new and ongoing clients, and client prospects
~ Executive talent attraction and acquisition to include recruiting and hiring
~ Strategically lead, guide, and mentor both clients and their virtual teams
~ New client onboarding execution, process improvement, and reporting
~ Client and Virtual Team Profile management to include billing and payments
~ Create and distribute internal and external content and communications
~ Serve as Virtual Team Ambassador for Executive Virtual Assistant Community

Elements for Long-Term Collaborative Fit

~ Character reputation for doing what you say you will do.  Non-negotiable.
~ Proactive and thoughtful communicator who responds with urgency.
~ Critical thinker who is resourceful and well-practiced in solving problems.
~ Details at the smallest level matters equally to meeting deadlines with accuracy.
~ Leverages the use of cloud-based technology with agility and proficiency.
~ Expresses and anticipates future needs with minimal prompts or direction.
~ Believes in self-leadership and operates as a trusted influencer daily. 

Essentials for Priority Performance

~ Mon-Fri availability during business hours for a minimum of 25 hours per week.
~ 3-5 years experience in a Client Account Management or Customer Service role.
~ Remote work or telecommuting experience is preferred.
~ Residency in the states of Georgia or Arkansas is preferred.
~ Private and professional home office setup to include a PC/Mac computer or laptop with at least 1.0ghz dual-core processor, 8gb, webcam, and latest software.
~ Secure virtual phone or smartphone with social networking capabilities.
~ Secure, stable, high-speed internet connectivity. Must handle virtual conferencing. 


  • This is an hourly, part-time position with full-time growth opportunity.
  • This is not a position that can be partnered with a full-time job and requires availability during business hours as agreed upon in writing.
  • This is not a position for applicants who are building their own businesses.  This opportunity is for the entrepreneurially-minded ready to commit and contribute to the vision of a growing organization as a trusted team member.
  • All applicants may be subject to a background check prior to an offer of employment or contract being awarded.
  • We are seeking qualified, US-Based professionals who thrive in a virtual environment safely and productively.  We are NOT currently accepting applications from residents in California, Montana, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania at this time.