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Are you tired of business feeling like a cluster?

Outsource tasks without having to repeat instructions or fail to communicate clear expectations.

How many times have you scrambled to find an old link, a headshot, your bio, frequent flyer numbers, or simply needed to explain a procedure to your team but didn’t have time? As a result, you don’t outsource tasks, you hang onto them and book travel in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping. What if you could outsource tasks to your team because the instructions were all laid out in a video and step-by-step instructions? I’m guessing that would bring a sense of relief. Am I right?!

Trying to run a business that looks like a cluster is frustrating and creates a difficult environment, whether in person or online. No one is reeeaallly clear on step by step actions and as a result, your business struggles to move forward. We stand behind the Standard Operating Procedures provided in this product and we’re confident you will, too!

Wondering what you should document? Here’s a short list for you:

  • Client Onboarding /Offboarding
  • Team Hiring/Firing
  • Team Onboarding / Offboarding
  • Webinar Process
  • Course/Product Launch Timeline
  • Course Creation
  • Content Creation for Social
  • Email Marketing
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Podcast Process
  • Organization/Filing System (Drive/Dropbox)
  • Getting Started with Password Manager
  • Project Planning
  • Quarterly Review Process

What in The World Is an SOP?


A Standard Operating Procedure (also known as an SOP) allows business owners to get their processes and procedures out of their heads and organized into a detailed document making it easy for you as the leader to outsource tasks without having to repeat instructions or fail to communicate clear expectations.


What Are the Benefits of Standard Operating Procedures?


Ensure Success with your virtual assistant and easily delegate complex tasks to to your virtual assistants. The time and energy it takes to explain a process over and over again is exhausting. Not only does it zap your energy but it can cause confusion. Perhaps you explain a process to one team member on Monday and come Thursday, you’ve explained it in a completely different way to another team member. Rather than wasting man-power or trying to reinvent the wheel, Standard Operating Procedures allow you to set clear expectations across the board and everyone is on the same page.


 Here’s Why SOPs Are So Important:

  • Reduce back and forth conversations and email threads between team members.
  • Document every procedure in your business, so there is no question on what needs to happen next.
  • Decrease redundant work within your team.
    Set clear expectations.
  • Have a clear understanding of how long each task should take.
  • Improve the proficiency of your business.
  • Know exactly where to find specific links you use (or don’t use) on a regular basis.

What Will Your Business Look Like with SOPs in Place?

Right now, your business looks like a hot mess. Both you and your team aren’t clear on what actions you should take next. No one really knows what should go where. I get it. Are you tired of business feeling like a cluster? When Standard Operating Procedures are in place, you start acting a real business and there isn’t a better feeling in the world!

How Can Priority VA Help?

We’re gonna work together on this, so no need to worry. We’ll take a screencast recorded by you, up to 10 minutes in length, and turn it into a Google Document repeatable process. Everything will be kept organized in an Airtable Base for easy access. Once the document is ready, we’ll let you know, so we can get started on the next one.

Are You Ready?