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Priority Peek

I’ve built a team of VAs that have spent years supporting entrepreneurs to grow their audience, sell their products and services, and scale their business.

I’ve also spent years speaking to hundreds of entrepreneurs that desperately need help, but aren’t yet at a point to make an ongoing, long term, commitment.

Don’t do it alone.

Priority VA now has Priority Peek which allows you to try us out. Get some one and done wins checked off your list. Move some clutter out and work in your zone of genius. You’d be shocked at how much our Priority VAs can get done in 5 hours.

Take a peek…there’s no harm and you have nothing to lose…except that to-do list that you’ve been procrastinating on.

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$199 Subscription Fee plus 5 Hours for First Month

Your monthly subscription includes access to our private member’s area, our premier pool of US and Canadian based VA talent, support from our success catalyst team members, and strategic partnership to get the most important tasks in your business from “to-do” to “done”.

Your subscription will be a monthly, ongoing investment of $199 and each 5 hour project block will be $175.

Priority Peek is a recurring subscription. Signing up for any plan means you agree to our terms of use and privacy policy.

Please note that we are unable to assist with paid advertising task requests. 

Common Plan & Billing Questions

When will I be billed?
You will be billed once you sign up. Recurring billing then happen each month on the same date as your initial purchase.
Do my credits roll over if I don’t use them?

Yes, all unused credits roll over every month. Please note that you must have an active subscription in order to use your hours. 

Do you have a guarantee?
Our goal is to be fully transparent about the scope of our services and the capabilities of our staff. If you feel that we have failed to provide a satisfying service, contact us, and we will do what we can to make things right.
What if I need more hours?
If you need more time than your plan allows, you have the freedom of purchasing additional 5 hour blocks of time within our members area.
When is my assistant available?
Our VAs work standard business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm ET and are not required or expected to work on weekends or after 6:00pmET. You can submit your tasks anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend. If submitted before/after business hours, your VA will receive the task(s) the following business day to begin working on them. We do want to note that if you send a task minutes before the workday ends, it is unlikely to be completed that same day. Tasks must be as clear as possible in their description in order to avoid unnecessary back and forth communication between the client and the VA. i.e. the most efficient way to get a task completed is to hand off ALL the required information to your VA, such as written copy, images, login links/user names/passwords etc. When our VAs have what they need, they can take the ball and run with it. If you’re still holding the ball (information) they can’t run.
How are my hours tracked?
We will keep a running total of your hours and send you weekly reports. Or feel free to ask us for a report at any time. If you are running out of time we will notify you well ahead of that.
Is there a contract or minimum commitment?
No. Your services subscription is month-to-month. It can be ended at any time by contacting us. There are no cancellation fees.
Can I cancel anytime?
Of course. Contact us prior to your next billing cycle and we’ll take care of your request. If you have already been billed, your cancellation request will not take effect until the following month. Unfortunately, we do not offer prorated refunds or cancellations for unused time.
Are there any tasks that can't be performed?
– No urgent or emergency tasks
– No PPC (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc..) advertising setup or management
– Our VAs cannot make decisions for you on software your business should implement, but we can research options and make recommendations per your requirements
If you’re still not sure, send it in! We’ll let you know either way.