Become a Priority EA

We’re currently looking for true Executive Assistant. This EA role is a trusted gatekeeper, protector, liaison, and advocate.  The priority outcome for this Executive Assistant role is Executive Leadership Organization.

No matter what may come, every Trusted Leader needs the gift of an Executive Assistant who serves as a Stabilizer to Lead, Drive, and Partner with  Executive. Through this collaboration the Executive is well-grounded and delivering on the outcomes only they can deliver.

Leading the Executive and holding space for the day-to-day activities in a proactive, organized way is the top agenda item every day for the EA Stabilizer.  Staying ahead of a well-mapped plan, eliminating distractions, anticipating needs and setting the stage for the Executive’s Optimal Week and Day are the superpowers of an Executive Business Partner who drives accountability and delivers outcomes.


People with undeniable integrity.
People who understand the online digital space.
People who want to work with top-level executives.
People who are committed to building long-lasting relationships with their client.

Please note – We are seeking qualified, US-Based professionals who thrive in a virtual environment safely and productively. We are NOT currently accepting applications from residents in California, Montana, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania at this time.