Staying True To Your Brand…. It’s Easier Than You Think

I have spent hours dreaming of a new website. Don’t give me diamond earrings, give me a website!

Last week, my dream became a reality and oh, my…. It’s a beautiful reality!

Roughly two years ago, I started itching for a new website. I would browse other sites and dream of one day having a site that I was in love with. I began the process with headshots.

  1. Because my headshots were extremely outdated.
  2. Because sometimes you want to put on makeup, an awesome outfit and feel like a model for the day.

I found a photographer in Hawaii that had come highly recommended. Mistake numero uno!

My husband and I traveled all the way to the big island only to get a folder full of photos that I was extremely disappointed with. My makeup. My hair. My clothes. They were all wrong.

Do you want to know a secret? I felt it the entire time we were shooting. I felt in my gut that everything was all wrong. It didn’t fit my style, by brand, my personality. Did I say anything? Nope. I trusted the professional.

Once I received the photos and cried, I hauled by butt up to a different photographer that I trusted and should have hired in the first place. I knew that she understood my brand and my style. This was my first lesson in staying true to my brand.

The second lesson came to me a few months later.

I bit the bullet and hired a designer that promised to deliver a website that would blow my mind! I couldn’t wait! I had decided on mood boards, started choosing fonts and paid the advance they had requested. Before you come asking me for money, promising to deliver something you aren’t able to offer, know that I did my research. I once again, had hired a reputable (at least it appeared to be) company.

After a few conversations, we began to walk through what the website would look like. I had ideas for my new brand, they had ideas… it was awesome! And then….the line went dead. Zero communication!

I felt duped. At least the bad photographer sent me tangible evidence of their failure. The developer didn’t send a “Hi. How are you? Boo!” Nothing!

I work hard for my money (enter Tina Turner!). I would never cheat someone out of their hard earned money, so why would someone do this to me? I’ve come to realize that it isn’t personal. If someone is going to do bad business, they are going to follow through with poor choices regardless of who it is. I just happened to be the not-so-lucky person.

Fast forward to March 2017!

We have just launched our new website!!!!!!! (Extra “!!” for emphasis!!)

I hired a reputable designer that is in a mastermind with me. Franziska has it all together, has great ideas and understand my vision! She give great feedback and has worked hard to make this website something that I am proud of!

In addition to the website, I also decided to film a couple of promo videos.

The videographer we hired lives in California and flew to our beach house in North Carolina to make my vision come to life. Bryan is an entrepreneur, like myself, who is hustling to build a business and wants to help me succeed. He listened to what I wanted, shared his ideas and has created a masterpiece that I’m so, so proud of!

How have these relationships worked so well?

I truly believe that it comes down to customer service. Both the designer and the videographer have worked hard to help me, their client, get the best results possible. They have listened to me as I ramble on about my vision, my brand and where I want this business to go.

They didn’t pass on my ideas, but rather, they listened, brainstormed and implemented.

I’ve learned my fair share of lessons over the past few year. The first is that I must stay true to my brand and who I am. If something doesn’t feel right, I should always trust my gut! Each challenge that I’ve faced has given me the confidence to let my voice be heard.

The second lesson (and hardest one of all!) is that sometimes, people will take thousands of dollars from you and will still sleep well at night. That does not give me the freedom to treat people poorly. I will continue to see the best in people and will work with people who understand me!

Remember as you’re branding your business, it’s incredibly important to stay true to yourself!


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  1. Franziska
    Franziska says:

    Trivinia, sadly I often hear stories of clients coming to me after they have been “burnt” by other web designers.
    And at the same time my process wasn’t as solid when I started out. It has taken me the last 2 years to come up with the process I took you through that so far has prevented disappointment on my and the client’s side. As you have had a web designer not delivering I have had several clients happy to use the sites we have built them while not paying for weeks worth of work delivered by me and my team. That’s stealing as far as I’m concerned. Not sure how they sleep at nights either!?

    So I fully agree that at the end of the day it comes down to a true desire to serve your clients. For me there is no better feeling than to see talented experts like you shine online!

    And yes, knowing your brand = who you are is at the core of making this type of collaboration a success. And you get better and better at knowing it the longer you are in business. PLUS, the sooner you get to grips with your brand the faster your business will grow… it’s an often undervalued but key ingredient!

    Love this post 🙂


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