Why You Should Put Your Clients First

This week I was at a crossroad. Do I look out for #1 or do I put my client first?

I have to be honest. I had an internal wrestling match going on and no one knew it except me. Don’t get me wrong, I always put my clients first. However, this time, I had the opportunity to be a little selfish.

You see, when I started this business it was just little ol me running the ship. With a growing business I knew that I had to listen to my own motto and agree that I, too, couldn’t do it alone. I slowly began adding to my own core team.

I have dreams, people! Big dreams!

If I want to make those dreams a reality, I know that I have to depend on the skill set of others to make it happen.

Why you should put your clients first

Last week, I met with someone that would have been an ideal fit for my core team. However, I knew as much as I wanted to snatch this person up and keep them all to myself, I couldn’t. I began to have an inner dialogue.

It was more like those cartoons with an angel and devil on your shoulders. My angel and devil get a little feisty, so when I say “inner dialogue”, what I mean is they were arguing like siblings on a snow day!

After much debate, I knew the best thing to do was send a little intro to my client and this amazing person I had met.

Why did I do that?

Because my nature is to take care of people. It’s what I do. I’ve gone so far as to build a business around it. I genuinely want to help people. I truly believe it is a calling on my life. If I didn’t take care of others, I would be empty and a lot of people would feel hopeless.

What goes around comes around.

I truly believe that by putting my clients first, I will reap the benefits. I may not see it for a while, but someday, I will look back and remember the time I helped someone, only to see that another kind soul is stepping in and giving me the same hand I had once extended.

I don’t write this to toot my own horn or want to see my name in flashing lights saying “Look at Trivinia. She is amazing.” (If someone could make that happen, I wouldn’t complain!). However, I do say this to challenge you.

Have you experienced a time when it was clear that you needed to put your client first? You may have experienced the same internal debate I did. At the end of the day, it all comes down to this…. I am here to serve, however that looks. It looks different to each one of us, but when we begin to put our clients first, we will reap the benefits of our kindness.