Love Letter To My Former Self

Tomorrow we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

When you mention the holiday, there are two responses. One group believes it’s a holiday created by the card manufacturers, while the second group is full of starry-eyed lovebirds that get caught up in the romance of it all. Regardless of whether you celebrate the holiday or not, there is no getting around it. Love is an emotion that we all feel.

I’ve spent the past several months working on my thoughts, my self confidence and how I treat myself. Something I tend to do, most often when I’m lying in bed wide awake #insomnia, is to think about how I’ve mistreated myself as a business owner, mom, wife and friend. I’ve been told more times than I can count, that I’m a gracious person. However, I don’t always choose to give myself grace. If I could write a love letter to my former self, the Trivinia that has a crazy idea to start a business, here is what I would say:

Love LetterToMy Former Self

It isn’t profound, but more than anything I would tell my former self to extend grace.

Work hard? Yes!

Set big goals? Heck, Yes!

Get so frustrated with myself I can’t stand it? Not anymore!

I’ve created a PDF, so you can write a love letter to your former self. Take time to do this exercise. Put it where you can see it as a reminder to give yourself grace.
What is the one thing you would tell your former self?

Click Here to Download Your Love Letter