How Your Business Can Avoid The Winter Blues

Ah, January…

The first day of the month begins with parties, noisemakers and fireworks. By week two, we’re looking at gray skies, wishing for sunshine and losing steam. All I want to do it take a freaking nap! It’s easy to fall into the trap of winter blues, but have you experienced the winter blues in your business?

Ebb and Flow

Depending on your line of work, winter may be a slow time for you. All of your potential clients and customers are busy crunching numbers and setting goals of their own. Does that mean you can sit in your office pouting because you haven’t signed a new contract in a week? Heck no! Now is the prime time to get in gear. Fine tune your SOP’s, write marketing emails, develop an ads strategy. Take this lull to work on the bones of your business. It needs TLC, too!


If you’re experiencing a downswing in your business, it may be time to widen your circle. There is no better time than the present to join a mastermind, a new coaching group or a local networking organization. Extending your circle will not only encourage you as a business owner, but you’ll also gain prospects. I’ve not met a business owner yet that has turned down either.

Keep your chin up

I’m not going to lie to you. When you’re in the midst of a lull in your business, it can be extremely frustrating. You begin to doubt yourself, the quality of your business and if you should have started this whole thing in the first place. I get it! When you’re experiencing a slow time in your business, all of the doubts come creeping in. When you begin to have those doubts, remind yourself of why you started. You started your business for a reason, so don’t quit due to a few rough weeks.

Have you experienced the winter blues in your business? I’ve been there and I’m here to tell you that it will pass. Remain true to yourself and stay the course. Use this down time wisely. When business picks up, you’ll be glad you did!