The Best Gift You Could Give Yourself

I know what you’re thinking.
“Oh, great! Another sales-y blog post.”

Guess what?! Not this time. Instead I want to talk about the best gift you could give yourself this Christmas.

It isn’t something you can hold. It isn’t something you buy in a store. Heck, you can’t even buy it online. This gift doesn’t have a price tag, yet it’s priceless.

Give yourself the gift of unplugging.

It isn’t easy to remove yourself from behind your laptop, but this week I am challenging you to take in all they joy, wonder and merriment this season brings. And since Christmas is on a Sunday this year, it should be a little easier to pull off.

I’m a self proclaimed workaholic. Working is good, but I know that I will never have a three year old at Christmas time again. So, I’ve decided that come Friday, I am locking my office door and not re-entering until Monday morning.

I believe with all my heart that it is good for my daughters to watch me build my business. No doubt about it! However, I also want them to see that I love making memories with them.
So, this weekend….

  • Bake cookies
  • Build Gingerbread houses
  • Drive around town looking at Christmas lights
  • Build forts
  • Pop popcorn
  • Watch a Christmas movie (or two!)
  • Take pictures
  • Read a Christmas story
  • Soak up this time with your family
  • Enjoy every Christmas-y minute

Let’s enjoy this festive time because come December 26th, it’s back to building our empires!

Tell me, what is your favorite Christmas tradition?